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Security Basics

5 Best Things to Look for When Searching for a Security System for an Apartment

Posted June 20, 2019 by Cove

As a renter living in an apartment, installing a security system may not seem like the best idea. While you should definitely talk with your landlord before installing anything, remember that apartments are just as likely to be victims of a burglary as traditional homes are. However, the needs for an apartment are often different from those of a house. What are important things to look for in a security system for your apartment? We put together a list of the five most important things to check for when you’re thinking about purchasing a security system for your apartment.

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1. Portable

Chances are, if you’re living in an apartment, you’re probably planning on staying for a shorter amount of time than if you owned a home. Apartments are ideal for people who are in transition stages of life, including college students, families between jobs, and elderly people looking to downsize from a bigger home. An apartment can be just the right amount of space for you, but there’s always a chance you’ll have to pack up and move in a short amount of time. One of the most important things you’ll want to look for in an apartment security system is portability. If you had to move apartments in the next week, could your security system come with you? If the answer is no, you probably don’t want to consider it as a viable option for your living scenario.

Apartment living always comes with a little uncertainty. You want a security system that can be a worthwhile investment for you for years to come.

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2. Offers expansion opportunities

For most young people, an apartment is better for their financial situation than a home. At least, that’s usually the case directly out of college. Until a couple expands their family, living in an apartment can be the best option for them. Because of this, it only makes sense that when you invest in a home security system for your apartment, you’ll want one that can expand as you move to different places and eventually into a home. You aren’t going to want to buy the same equipment over and over again from different brands just to try and cobble together a functional security system. It’s important to look at the brand you’re considering for your apartment and see if they have expansion opportunities for their smaller systems if you were to invest in one now. This can save you money, time, and energy in the long run and by the time you’ll need to expand, you will already be familiar with the system you have. If you can add on additional services and equipment, it’ll probably be a great choice for you.


3. Affordable

Depending on your personal budget and your plans for moving or staying in an apartment long term, we would suggest looking for a more affordable security system before you invest in something majorly expensive. It’s possible to have peace of mind regarding the safety of your space without also spending your entire savings on a security system. The amount you spend should be determined by your personal budget and your stage of life. Many security systems have hidden costs from contracts that aren’t listed with the equipment. Keep an eye out for those costs as they can make all the difference when it comes to being affordable.

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4. Wireless

If you’re living in an apartment, you’ll definitely want a wireless system to help keep you safe. Systems with wires can work if you’re living in a house, but they’re less than ideal for an apartment. Going wireless keeps your system simple and is much more likely to not be as noticeable in an apartment building.

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5. Reliable equipment

Just because you’re looking for something specific doesn’t mean you can’t take reliability into account. We would recommend reading product reviews from other apartment owners to see how effectively the system worked for them. Don’t rush into the process of buying a home security system; make sure you take your time and you aren’t afraid to turn things down in favor of a potentially better option. Your equipment should last a long time. You want equipment that can reliably keep your apartment safe. That’s not something to settle for.

Looking for these five things when you’re shopping for an apartment security system can make all the difference.

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