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Security Basics

At What Age Can a Child Be Left Home Alone?

Posted July 23, 2019 by Cove


The answer depends on both state laws and your child’s maturity. Eight is probably the youngest age it’s safe to leave a child alone, but depending on area guidelines and your child’s abilities, age 10–14 may be a bit safer.

While Kevin McCallister did just fine at age 7, most states have guidelines suggesting the age to leave a child alone, and a few even have specific limits. Additionally, you should take into account your child’s capabilities: Do they know how to contact authorities in the event of an emergency? Can they keep themselves safe for a few hours? These factors and others should go into the decision of whether to leave your child home alone.

Connected Devices Help You Keep an Eye on Kids Old Enough to Be Alone

If you check your local legislation and evaluate your child’s abilities and determine that they’ll be safe alone, consider bringing home some products to ensure your kids stay safer when you’re not home.

Wearable Devices

Give your kids GPS bracelets so you can stay in the know at all times. These bracelets track your child’s whereabouts, let you set emergency contacts and safety perimeters, and allow your kids to call you if they’re in trouble. Some GPS bracelets like AngelSense are made especially for kids with special needs, so they let you listen in to see what’s happening.

Cove wireless security system panel on a dresser with keys, books, and a little plant.

Home Security Systems

Home security systems range in function and pricing, but there are many options to tailor a perfect solution to your household. At Cove, we’re making home security simple and powerful by bringing professional monitoring, easy setup, and affordable, no-contract pricing together. That’s a win-win-win for everyone.

Smart Video Cameras

You can purchase surveillance cameras, baby monitors, and nanny cams to keep an eye on your kids at all times. Purchase these video cameras independently from a larger home security system or with additional safety gadgets. To get the ultimate home security for your family, we recommend going with a full home security system.

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Smart Doorbells

Knock, knock? You’ll know who’s there when you install smart doorbells. These futuristic devices have a video camera, wireless signal, and motion sensor so they turn on whenever someone comes to the door. You can sync your smart doorbell to your phone through an app, so whenever someone comes knocking while your child is home alone, you’ll get a real-time alert to see who it is. Most smart doorbells also offer two-way voice communication, so you can find out what the person wants before advising your child on how to proceed.

Smart Door Locks

What goes perfectly with a smart doorbell? A smart door lock. These cool safety devices let you arm and disarm your deadbolts from wherever you are. If your kids come home from school but don’t have a key, let them in through the app. This also helps you control who your kids let in the house when you’re not around. Plus, you’ll get alerts when the doors are locked and unlocked, so you’ll be aware of who’s coming and going and at what hours.

a smoke detector, CO detector, two motion sensors, medical alert necklace, flood sensor, and door and window sensors

Smoke and CO Alarms

Smoke and fire can engulf a home in mere minutes. Keep your family and precious belongings safer with smoke detectors and carbon monoxide alarms. This type of smart technology is a literal lifesaver.

Babysitters Help Watch Children Who Are Too Young to Be Alone

If you have a busy schedule and can’t be home when your kids get off the bus, consider hiring a nanny or babysitter. Companies like Care.com carefully vet all nannies with thorough background checks and interviews. You can read reviews from other parents to see what caretakers are like before you welcome them into your home.

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