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Home Security Robot: Can Robots Protect Your Home?

What Is a Home Security Robot?

A home security robot is a recent addition to home security products. Due to their new emergence, the word “home security robot” is still fairly vague and applies to a wide variety of security appliances. From large vehicles that move around the entire property of the home, to small devices that roll around on the floor of your home, there simply isn’t one type of security robot that dominates the robot world.

However, to put it simply, a home security robot is a smart device that moves around the area that it is meant to protect. It typically uses either the wifi network or cellular network to stream live video footage. Home security robots are moving cameras that can be controlled through your mobile device.

Home security robots haven’t bridged into the world of artificial intelligence and are a far cry from robots like Sophia, who was featured on The Late Night Show with Jimmy Fallon. Instead, they are tools similar to the popular robot vacuum cleaner, Rumba.

Typically, home security robots connect to a mobile app on your phone. Through the mobile app, the robot sends live camera footage to you that allows you to connect and watch the live footage. Most security robots can be used to patrol your home, as well. Your mobile app acts as a remote control over the robot, allowing you to maneuver the robot around your home and videoing the house as it moves.

The portable video surveillance is helpful for those looking for unique home security. However, home security robots are often easy for burglars to avoid, since it’s a moving camera rather than a fixed camera. Similar to a rotating guard, there will always be gaps in the robot’s video surveillance.

Do Home Security Robots Work?

Home security robots are used to protect homes from burglary, watch over pets, and secure the house while the family is away. Home security robots are effective as portable home security cameras. Most camera robots come equipped with night vision, remote monitoring, and motion activation. These features help to ensure that your security robot keeps a careful eye on your home.

What Home Security Robots Are Available on the Market?

There are a wide variety of robots available on the market. However, the robot security market is still growing, meaning that many of these options still have flaws. Regardless of their flaws, they would be a great option to be paired with an already existing security system (in order to cover the blindspots that the robot presents). Here are the top five security robots that you can find on the market:

  1. Appbot Riley Home Safety Movable Camera The Appbot Riley robot can be controlled through a mobile app on your phone. The robot comes with night vision and facial detection (not to be confused with face recognition). It can connect to either iPhone or Android phones and allows the user to view the home in real time. The camera on the device is located on a swivel, which allows the camera to turn in a 360-degree angle. The robot also uses two-way voice to ensure that users can listen through and talk through the camera. The robot can be plugged into a base station to recharge, or you can regularly replace the batteries in the device. This camera sells for $298.15.
  2. JAMOR Home Patrol Robot The JAMOR is a simple robot that works more as a remote control vehicle, rather than an autonomous robot. The vehicle is described as a “car robot,” and is meant to drive around your home recording video footage. It has four-wheel-drive and can be controlled through your phone. The car can patrol your home on its own, learning the layout of your home like a smart robot vacuum. The device also has a feature called “auto charging,” meaning that it automatically charges when the battery is low. The device is autonomous enough to return to the charging station. This camera robot sells for $148.00.
  1. Xrana Family Robot The Xrana robot was created to give surveillance of the home. The wheels have an easy grip on the ground to decrease the chances of the robot slipping while trying to move around the home. When connected to the smart app, the user has access to where the robot roams and what angle the camera is facing. The user can also take screenshots and pictures using the robot. However, many reviews say that the video is likely to lag on this device if you don’t have access to a stable wifi network. This robot costs $200.00.
  2. Costzon Mini RC WiFi Spy Rover Tank This “security robot” is actually a toy; however, it will still do the job of a security robot. This small toy vehicle can be driven around the home using the mobile app. Since it is a children’s toy, it does have a shorter battery life span than most security devices. It also doesn’t have the same machine learning capacities as other devices. With this security robot, you will have control over your home security by using it as a portable security camera. This device is only $64.99.
  3. A-Parts Mini RC This security robot is the smallest robot on the list, making it the most discreet. IT has live video streaming and an adjustable camera. Using your smartphone app, you can control the product, similar to other surveillance devices on the list. Many of these automation devices are made to make life easier by allowing users to control the machine through an app on your phone. This robot is currently unavailable on Amazon.

Do You Need a Home Security Robot?

To get the most protection for your home, a robot is not an essential machine to have. In fact, there are a variety of home automation devices that would be a better option before getting a security robot. Security robots are also expensive, often costing over 200 dollars for the robot. Since you’re paying for a security camera plus a moving robot, you’ll be paying more for the robot than for an entire home security system. Essentially, no, you don’t need a home security robot to protect your home. If anything, the robot is meant to add an additional layer of security rather than act as your only line of defense.

How to Protect Your Home

A better option to protect your home is by using a simple home security system. A home security system is the best way to protect your home. With a home security system, you will gain access to a variety of features that will completely cover every entrance of your home. Some features that you can expect to get in your home security system are:

  • Door Sensors. Door sensors are one of the most important features of a good home security system. With door sensors, you can have a sentry at every entrance of your home. The door alarm will detect that the door has been opened and set off an alarm that will scare away any possible intruders.
  • Window Alarms. Over 25 percent of burglars will enter into a home through a first-floor window, making it a priority to secure every window on the first floor. Window alarms are one of the best ways to secure windows because they stop burglars from using the window.
  • Indoor Surveillance Camera. An indoor camera is an essential part of home security. Indoor cameras help to record evidence, set off alarms, and provide the homeowner with peace and safety. Most wireless indoor cameras will allow you to stream live video footage from the camera to your phone, allowing you to watch your home in real time.
  • Security Monitor. A security monitor helps to centralize all of your security equipment. You can arm your system from your security monitor, connect new devices, and call for help.
  • Motion Sensors. Motion sensors are a vital part of home security. Motion sensors can be installed by the door, in main living areas, or in bedrooms. Most motion sensors use PIR detection, which means that they look for the heat of a person moving through the house. This type of detection limits false alarms and ensures accuracy when sensing whether there is an intruder in the home.

Security systems may also include devices such as a smart smoke detector, a flood detector, and a medical alert pendant. The most important features, however, are features that will actively protect your home, like motion sensors and door sensors. Sensors will help to alert you if there is suspicious activity in your home. If an alarm is set off, you can check up on the live footage from your cameras to see if it was a false alarm, or if there is an intruder in your house.

You can also protect your home by locking your doors, leaving a light on, and turning on the TV before you leave your home. These tactics deter burglars because it gives the impression that someone is home, even when you’re not. Studies have shown that most burglars will only enter a house once they have determined that no one is home. Leaving a light on will give the impression that someone is inside the house, as will turning on the TV.

One of the best home security systems for easy security is Cove Security. Cove offers simple DIY systems that put the customer in charge. The systems are inexpensive, only 15 dollars a month, and come fully equipped with two-way audio, professional monitoring, and remote access. The key selling feature of Cove’s security system is the fact that the systems are portable. Rather than relying on messy wiring, these systems are completely wireless, making them easy to relocate if you want to switch up the placement of your home security system. Cove is the perfect home security solution.

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