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Security Basics

Home Security Tips | 2022

Posted April 22, 2019 by Cove

Home Security Tips

Protecting your home and keeping your family safe should be one of your top priorities. However, most people don’t think about how they can protect their home and their belongings until after a tragedy strikes. The best way to prevent your home from getting burglarized is by preparing against it and ensuring that your house is covered from every angle. Here are some of the best home security tips that will help you protect your home, your family, and your belongings from future threats.

1. Get a Real Home Security System

The first thing you should do to protect your home is to get a real home security system. Installing cameras on your own and keeping your doors locked isn’t going to be enough. When you’re looking to protect your home in the most efficient way, a home security system is mandatory. When a burglar looks at a home, they look for home security sign put up in the front yard. That sign tells the burglar whether or not there is a home security system in place. If there is a home security system, the burglar is likely to move onto the next home. Setting up a system for your home can protect your family from more than just threats of burglary. Some companies also alert you if there’s a fire danger, carbon monoxide poisoning, or potential flooding in the home.

2. Lock Your Doors at All Times

You might think that if you’re leaving for a short period of time, you can leave the doors unlocked and everything will be alright. This is simply not the case. You should also leave after locking the doors and windows in the home. Pay special attention to back doors and basement doors that you might not remember to lock on a regular basis. A burglar will usually enter the home through a door that the family forgot to lock. Alder’s home security systems and smart locks allow you to lock your doors from a remote location just in case you forgot to lock the doors when you left the home. This function helps you to stay smart and safe at all times.

3. Change the Locks When You Move Into a New Home

One of the most common groups of people to get their homes burglarized are new homeowners. There are a few reasons for this. However, one of the most common reasons is because the new homeowner didn’t change the locks on the doors. That means someone out there still has keys to the home. If that person has malicious intents, they could easily enter the home with the old key. As soon as you move into a home, order a change on all locks in the house, including the key to the mailbox. Similarly, if you ever lose a key to your home, switch out the remaining keys and locks immediately. Some burglars stalk their victims for months before making a hit and could find a way to steal the key to your home while you’re in a public area without your noticing. Being safe is about staying smart in a stressful situation.

4. Conceal Home Security Wiring

Professional burglars know how to disconnect a wired security system without tripping the alarm. If they’re able to find any wiring without getting caught on camera, they will disconnect the system and then enter the home. To avoid this from happening, plan to hide and conceal all wiring from sight. Build the wiring into the paneling of the home rather than letting the wires hang in plain sight. Another way around this is by using a wireless security system. They are harder to disconnect from the home and protect more secure coverage. However, they are susceptible to hacking if the cameras aren’t securely attached to the home.

5. Make Your Home Appear Occupied

The next home security tip you need to use is making your home appear as if it is occupied at all times. To do this, you can use lights on a timer, leave on a battery powered radio or TV, or anything else that has lights or sound. Burglaries usually make their moves when they are sure there is no one home. If they think there is someone home listening to the radio, they will not enter the home. Some burglars will knock on the door prior to entering the home to see if someone comes to the door. An easy way to solve this issue is by installing a smart doorbell camera. Doorbells cameras allow you to see who is knocking at the door and allow you to answer the door from a remote location. This way, the intruder has no way of knowing whether or not you’re at home or at work.

6. Don’t Hide Keys is Cliche Locations

Most people have spare keys to their homes. The most common places to hide their keys are under the doormat, under a nearby rock, or inside an obviously fake rock. Since these are common and cliche places to hide a spare key, avoid them at all costs. If you currently hide your spare key in one of those locations, move it as soon as you can. Instead, be creative and hide the key in a place only you will know. You could consider hiding it in a film can under the mulch in the flower bed. Or under the seat cushions of the couch on the porch.

7. Talk to Your Neighbors

Possibly one of the best tips is this: talk to your neighbors. And if you’re going to listen to any of these home security tips, listen to this one. Your neighbors can be your eyes and ears when you’re not in the area. If your neighborhood has an HOA bring up starting a neighborhood watch program to have everyone on the lookout for suspicious activity. You should also try to be active on your neighborhood Facebook page to watch for posts that could alert you to threats. Keep an eye out for unfamiliar cars parked on the streets in the day or at night.

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