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What Can I Do to Protect My Parents

To keep your aging parents safe, try to be more aware of potential hazards for someone with limited eyesight or mobility. You may also want to improve your home security and consider care assistance, depending on your family and situation.

As our parents get older, a natural thought many of us have is how we can help keep them safe. Age can, unfortunately, come with challenges. There are several things you can do to protect your parents, though, whether they’re living on their own, with you, or in an assisted living facility.

Preventing Falls

Home safety for seniors starts with preventing falls. Whether your parents are living on their own or have moved in with you, you’ll want to go through their living area with them and perform an inspection to look for hazards. Anything that could be slipped or tripped on should be corrected. This includes making sure that any stairs have a good grip and a handrail, that carpet and rugs sit flat against the floor, and that clutter is kept to a minimum.

Home Security

It’s a good idea to consider investing in a home security system. Especially if your parents are living alone, this can give both you and them some added peace of mind. One nice feature that many security companies offer is smart home technology. If you connect your phone to your parents’ system through this tech, you can receive alerts and notifications about any security events that arise in the home.

Assisted Living and Home Care

Care assistance doesn’t necessarily mean a nursing home. At-home care can be a good alternative to an assisted living facility, especially if your parents’ needs are primarily medical rather than custodial. Home health care nurses can often administer medications and handle medical needs without forcing the individual to change their living arrangements. If assisted living does become a necessity, make sure you become familiar with the signs of elder abuse: changes in mood, substantial financial concerns, sudden health issues, and more. Elder abuse is a serious problem—studies have found that approximately 1 in 10 older adults is the victim of abuse. One of the best things you can do to help keep your aging parents safe is to invest in a medical alert system that can keep you and other caregivers apprised of any emergency.

Medical Button Features & Response Benefits

Each medical alert button is pre-programmed with your Cove Touch panel. You can use this alert system as a medical life alert button for you (or a loved one) to wear or use it as a panic button if you have a break-in while you’re home. With a couple of touches of the screen you confirm your medical alert button is functioning and ready to go. This medical alert system is not designed for automatic fall detection. We also provide a test feature for your medical alert button which provides you reassurance that emergency response services will be available if needed.

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