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What Type of Contract Length Can I Expect from Security Providers?

When you’re ready to start looking into investing in a security system for your home, you will start to learn the ins and outs of home security system contracts. These contracts are usually long-term but can also be month-to-month, depending on your service and equipment needs. Your home security is crucial to the safety of you, your family, and your possessions, so it’s important to sign on to a security system contract that delivers what you need at a price you can afford.

Home Security Contracts at Cove?

We don’t obligate you to a long-term monitoring contract with outrageous cancellation fees. We’ve made it easy and more than fair to quit our service if you’re not happy, your situation changes, or you just don’t want it anymore.

We make it easy to get started with low upfront costs and a 60-day money back guarantee.

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Average Contract Length

Alarm monitoring contracts can last anywhere from 12 months to 60 months, but the industry standard is about 36 months. The length of the contract can often dictate the amount of your monthly payments, to an extent. The longer you are in the contract for, the lower your monthly fees should be. This is usually because you are spreading out the contract’s initial costs (such as equipment and installation) to be paid over time.

Where Your Money Goes

Besides sustained monitoring service, one of the main reasons you sign a contract with an alarm monitoring company is to subsidize the costs of equipment so the company can recoup its investment of time, equipment, and manpower over time. If these companies didn’t offer these types of contracts, you may be expected to pay for the equipment in one or a few larger lump sums up front.

Your monthly bill is split up into a few different parts. One part of the payment covers the monthly monitoring fees. Another part is the partial reimbursement of the initial investment of equipment and installation, including parts and labor. Another is the potential cost of maintenance for the equipment, which generally lasts the duration of your contract. Another is all of the general office overhead, such as vehicles, computers, staff, phone, rent, lights, and so on. Total them up, and you have your contract’s average monthly payment.

Month-to-Month (No Contract)

You can find security companies who will offer you security monitoring without a contract. This is especially true of smaller, local security companies, though larger companies may provide you the same deal. You can pay for the service month-to-month on an as-needed basis, so if you need to suspend service for a few months and reinstate it again later, you can do so freely and easily. Many security companies are willing to do this; however, the question of equipment still lingers. Because you won’t be locked into paying for the equipment you would lease from the company in a standard long-term contract, the company has no way to recoup equipment and installation costs if you were to cancel the contract after one month. So this usually means two things:

  1. You will have to pay for the equipment upfront either all at once or in a few larger payments.
  2. You will have to own your equipment already and only need the company to monitor it for you. In the end, when it comes to contracts, you need to figure out which option is most financially viable for you.

Home Security with Cove

We got rid of contracts and the middlemen. With Cove, you get ultra safe, reliable home security designed to save you a lot of money down the road. At Cove, we’re making home security simple and powerful by bringing professional monitoring, easy setup, and affordable, no-contract pricing together. That’s a win-win-win for everyone. Have a pre-existing control panel and equipment in your home? Some wireless equipment is compatible with the Cove Touch Alarm Panel and can easily be reused. Call or chat with us to learn more about integrating our alarm system with your existing equipment. If you are currently monitoring a system with another company, we recommend inquiring about your contract terms and conditions before switching to Cove.

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