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Your $25 referral discount has been applied!

Your $25 discount has been applied!

The Security You Deserve

Our security systems are easier to install than other systems, which is why our average installation time is 27 minutes, not three hours. Our Touch Screen Panel walks you through the whole process.

Takes less than 1 minute

What Makes Us The Best

Faster Response—We send your info to dispatchers digitally, saving 3-4 minutes.
Fewer False Alarms—We’ll reach out to you three times to confirm your alarms.
Designed For Customers— We’re the #1 customer-rated security system.
Best DIY Security SystemBest Wireless Home Security SystemBest Home Security System

Named Best Home Security System, Best DIY Home Security System, and Best Wireless Home Security System of 2021

—U.S. News & World Report

Safeguards For Every Circumstance

Our systems are designed with multiple redundancies, so no matter if your WiFi, power, or phone lines go down, you’ll always be able to get help.

  • Tamper-proof Technology—Our panel conducts hourly system checks. And if the power goes out, the backup battery kicks in.
  • Cellular Service—You don’t need to rely on a WiFi connection or a landline to stay connected to the monitoring station.
  • 24/7 Monitoring—We’ve got 6 monitoring stations around the US, all manned by trained professionals.

Takes less than 1 minute

Simple Setup. Safe In Minutes.

1. Customize Your System
Build the perfect system for your home in just a few moments with our online quiz.
2. We’ll Configure Your System
We’ll make sure all of your sensors are pre-programmed for compatibility with your panel, making setup even easier.
3. Simple Installation
Self installation is quick, but if you decide that it isn’t for you, we also offer professional installation.

Takes less than 1 minute

The Best Of Both Worlds

We took everything that’s great about traditional home security, and got rid of the salesmen, contracts, and markups, to create a DIY security system that works for everyone.

No contracts

You’re free to cancel at any time if your situation changes or you just don’t want your system anymore.

3-4 min faster dispatch

You’re free to cancel at any time if you’re not happy, your situation changes, or you just don’t want it anymore.

Lifetime equipment warranty

Our equipment is built to last, but if you ever run into any issues, we’ll replace your equipment free of charge.

Lifetime rate-lock guarantee

With our Plus plan, once you purchase your security system, your monthly rate will never go up. Ever.

24/7 professional monitoring

Our monitoring team will keep an eye out for you, whether you’re home or away.

$5/Month Equipment Reward

You’re free to cancel at any time if you’re not happy, your situation changes, or you just don’t want it anymore.

Takes less than 1 minute