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Cove Home Security Announces Black Friday Deal: 55% OFF All Products

Cove — a Startup Challenging the $12 Billion Home Security Industry — Plans to Catalyze its Presence in the Market by Offering One of the Strongest 2019 Deals in its Class: 55% Off All Products

(Draper, UT—November 19, 2019) Cove, a Utah-based startup offering the first professional home security solution with the ease, affordability, and flexibility of do-it-yourself (DIY) technology, last year entered the marketplace with the goal of revolutionizing the $12 billion home security industry. Designed with simple, do-it-yourself installation, cutting-edge setup technology, professional home monitoring for as little as $15 per month, and no contracts. Cove is aggressively working to protect the 75% of American households that currently do not have a home security system and an extremely attractive option for the 25% that do.

Today, Cove is announcing its Black Friday deal: a one-time 55% discount off all products.

“We’re going to offer one of the most aggressive—if not the single most aggressive—Black Friday deals in home security. We’re a challenger brand, and we want people to try Cove because we know they will love it. As a result, this Holiday Season affords consumers a rare opportunity to purchase for their loved ones a gift that is meaningful every single day of the year,” said Robert Shelley, President of Cove. “We built Cove on the idea that we can offer every customer exactly what they want: an affordable solution with the combined benefits of professional and DIY systems with none of the drawbacks. With advanced equipment and lower costs, many have also found it a great option when switching from their previous provider.”

Founded in early 2018, Cove has become an instant favorite with customers and has the highest percentage of 5-star ratings of any national home security company (97% of all customer reviews to date are positive with 91% being 5 stars). While technology has driven huge innovations in other industries, home security consumers have been trapped between two flawed options.

Traditional security companies provide effective, reliable home security but are expensive, lock people into antiquated, long-term contracts and require professional installation and maintenance. Do-it-yourself systems tend to be much less expensive than professional systems, but can also be significantly less effective and reliable, confusing to install, and lack must-have features like professional-grade monitoring, Smash and Grab Protection, and two-way audio communication through the alarm panel.

Cove offers consumers all the benefits of a professional home security system with the price and flexibility of a DIY system.

How Cove Works

  • Order online at and the system is customized to each customer’s specific needs and shipped within 24 hours.
  • Cove’s innovative technology makes it the easiest-to-install, professionally-monitored home security solution with monitoring as low as $15 per month.
  • Cove does not require contracts. This approach just makes sense. We only get paid if our customers continue to be happy with our service.
  • With a 60-day money-back guarantee and the option of a lifetime warranty, customers never have to worry about being stuck with something they do not love or incurring unexpected costs down the road. Anyone can cancel their service at anytime without hassle.
  • Cove’s technology also allows customers to easily test and maintain their system rather than being required to pay for costly professional maintenance and repair.

ABOUT COVE Cove is a Utah-based startup company providing consumer-centric service with the very first professional-grade home security solution that has the ease, affordability, and flexibility of DIY technology. 97% of all Cove customer reviews are positive with 91% being 5 star. Learn more at