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The Cove Touch Alarm Panel is a revolutionary control panel.
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The Cove Touch Alarm Panel is a
revolutionary control panel.

Beautiful and elegant, the control panel has a small form factor and narrow bezels to attractively blend into your home. No other security alarm panel provides native, on screen installation directions complete with animations and step by step instructions! Can’t find your control panel User Guide? No problem, installing and maintaining the security alarm panel and sensors is intuitive and painless. The security control panel was designed with Life Safety as its focus. Potential burglary, fire, flood, medical, and carbon monoxide threats are mitigated with state of the art alarm security technology. Turn a potential life altering emergency into nothing more than a minor nuisance by protecting your home and family with a Cove alarm system. With wireless security sensors and integrated cellular radio, the security alarm system is a breeze to install. Every security control panel comes standard with two-way audio capabilities and crash and smash detection. A built-in security siren alarms anyone in the home that an emergency is afoot.

The Cove Touch Alarm Panel is professionally monitored 24/7.
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The Cove Touch Alarm Panel is professionally
monitored 24/7.

The Cove Touch Alarm Panel is professionally monitored 24/7. Our security monitoring center is TMA Five Diamond Certified, UL-listed, and has two hot-redundant locations to further fortify our alarm services. In the event of an emergency, every Cove security system comes standard with two-way voice via the control panel. Meaning, while many alarm companies attempt to initially contact you over telephone during an emergency, we are able to speak directly over the Cove Touch Alarm Panel and have a live audio feed into the home to properly assess the situation. If we aren’t able to speak with someone, we will dispatch your local authorities and then call your emergency contact list.

Don’t worry about power outages.
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Don’t worry about power outages.

The security control panel comes with a backup battery rated for to provide up to 24 hours of protection. The Cove Touch Alarm Panel is self-diagnosing, and additionally receives heartbeats from the wireless sensors to regularly test communication and battery life. In the event that system maintenance is needed the alarm panel will display messages to notify you. Ask us about our available lifetime security alarm equipment warranty to ease the anxiety of malfunctioning alarm system components.

Easily relocate the alarm panel within your home.

As you grow accustomed to the frequent use of your alarm panel you may find that placing it in a new location will improve convenience and user interaction. Easily move our security control panel as many times as you see fit, after all, the alarm system is wireless!

We offer flexible payment options

Check out our flexible security equipment payment options that are provided to grant everyone access to alarm system services, including those on a tight budget. Don’t let your wallet be the one thing preventing you from protecting what is most dear to you!

Easy Access

Have multiple people that need access to your alarm system? No problem, you can add, delete, and edit up to 20 additional user codes that facilitate the ability to arm and disarm the security system without granting access to change settings. For increased convenience, consider our key remotes that allow wireless control panelaccess up to 50 yards around the home.

Have a pre-existing control panel and equipment in your home?

Have a pre-existing control panel and equipment in your home? Some wireless equipment is compatible with the Cove Touch Alarm Panel and can easily be reused. Call or chat with us to learn more about integrating our alarm system with your existing equipment. If you are currently monitoring a system with another company, we recommend inquiring about your contract terms and conditions before switching to Cove.

Cove take flight

If you’ve considered an alarm system before but haven’t pulled the trigger, there has never been a better time than now to acquire the peace of mind and protection you and your family deserve. Sleep soundly, vacation better, and work hard knowing that we have you covered with a monitored Cove alarm system.