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Cove Secondary Siren

Extend your alarm range with our secondary siren.

Perfect for basements, home offices, or anywhere else you want a few extra decibels, this wireless siren helps scare away intruders and notifies you immediately when danger's nearby.

Secondary siren installed

Deter criminals.

60% of burglars say that they’ll abandon trying to burglarize a home when they realize an alarm is present. With our secondary siren, any intruders will know right away that they’re in a home that’s protected by a security system.

$0 each, regularly $0

Person installing seconday siren

Install it in moments.

Our secondary siren takes less than a minute to install. You’ll simply pair it to your hub, plug it into an outlet, and relax. We’ll take it from there.

alarm display and siren in kitchen

Perfect for any arrangement.

When you live in a large home, it’s important to be able to hear when your alarm goes off, even if you’re on the other side of the house. Our secondary siren will sound in addition to the sirens on your hub and your alarm panel so you'll know what's happening no matter which room you're in.

Get the help you need, when you need it.

Our secondary siren notifies you right away when something is amiss around your home. While your alarm is going off, our monitoring team will reach out to you to make sure you’re okay, and they’ll send the authorities to your home if you’re not.

Technical Specifications

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Frequently Asked Questions

While our security hub includes a built-in alarm siren, purchasing a secondary siren provides an extra layer of protection in parts of your home that may be out of earshot of the main siren. If you live in a larger home, placing an extra siren in locations far away from the main siren can provide several benefits, including:

  1. Notifying you that an intruder has entered an area of your home.
  2. Notifying you when an environmental emergency (such as a fire or flood) has started somewhere around your home.
  3. Scaring away potential intruders. Dogs barking, alarms, and other loud noises are known to be effective deterrents against intruders.

Our secondary alarm system works quite simply. Like the other pieces of equipment in our system, it connects to the hub via a wireless connection, such as radio frequency or Z-wave. Because all of the equipment in our system uses this same connection, whenever any one sensor is triggered, it will send a notification to the hub, which will then trigger an alarm on both the hub and any secondary sirens. While the alarm is going off, the hub will send a notification to the monitoring team, who will then reach out to you via phone call or text to ensure everything is okay. If you need help or are unable to answer, the monitoring team will dispatch authorities to your home.

Our secondary siren is designed to be as loud as possible, to serve the double purpose of notifying you when trouble is nearby, and hopefully scaring that trouble away.

Your secondary siren should be placed in a temperature-controlled environment, far away from the main part of your system (although still within the reach of your hub's signal). Common installation locations include back rooms and basements. If you are somewhat hard of hearing, or simply would prefer to have a louder siren in your bedroom at night, you may choose to place one there as well.
While a secondary siren can help to extend the range of your alarm system, it is not strictly necessary, especially if you live in a smaller home or apartment. Both the hub and the alarm panel include a perfectly functional alarm siren, so this siren serves as a supplement to those sirens for anyone who desires it.
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