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Cove Keyfob Remote

Arm your system remotely with our key fob.

Get rid of the hassle of rushing to your alarm panel when you get home. With our security key fob, you can quickly disarm your system with the press of a button, right as you pull into the driveway.

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Take control of your system.

With a range of more than 300 feet, you can disarm your security system before you even have a chance to open the garage door. And our key fob provides an extra layer of protection by doubling as a panic button.

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Enjoy more mobility and convenience.

Our key fob is like a mini alarm panel. You can easily arm and disarm your system at any time. Purchase additional key fobs for your housemates to ensure they can get inside whenever they need to. And download the Cove Connect app to control your system, no matter where you are.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When you purchase a car today, it’s basically standard for it to come with a key fob that acts as a remote control panel for the vehicle. Key fobs can unlock your car, set off your car alarm, and start your car before you even get inside of it. They're handy and convenient devices that make life just a little bit simpler.

Just like you can get a key fob for your car, you can also get a security key fob for your home security system. A security key fob functions in a lot of the same ways that a car key fob does. It can arm or disarm your security system, and it can even send out an emergency message to your security company if you need help.

A key fob is a small piece of hardware that is programmed to grant access to designated devices—devices like your home's security monitoring panel. And key fobs have been getting more and more popular in home security for a good reason: they grant you quick access to your home's security system with just the press of a button.

When a security key fob is close to your home's security monitoring panel and you press a button, it will send a signal to that device to authenticate the action the user wants to perform. The device that is designed to receive messages from your key fob will only respond to a signal from a fob that has been specifically programmed into that device's system.

Since people usually have their car keys with them when they are away from their house, a popular place to keep a security key fob is on a lanyard or keychain. Storing your key fob with your keys means that it is more easily accessible whenever you might need it.

The Cove home security system is capable of recognizing multiple key fobs. This means that you can grant access to multiple people who you trust and who regularly visit your home, like your parents or your babysitter.

Key fobs are more than a fancy security accessory. The features and peace of mind that they offer make them valuable pieces of equipment. Let's take a look at what security key fobs have to offer.

Key fobs are convenient. Have you ever been pulling out of your driveway when you realize that you forgot to arm your security system before leaving? In that moment, your options are to either take a chance and leave without arming your system or to stop your car, open your garage, and walk inside your house to arm your system before finally leaving your house. With a security key fob on your keychain, all you need to do to arm your security system is simply push a button.

Key fobs are an in-home accessory. Key fobs don't just work when you are away from home; they can be a valuable security resource while you are inside, too. Keeping a key fob that is equipped with a panic button next to your bedside means that you are prepared to contact your security company within a matter of seconds in the event of a break in or home invasion.

Key fobs have a panic button. When the panic button on a key fob device is pushed, it sends a signal to your security company that you need help. Your security company will then attempt to contact you as soon as they get the message to ensure that you are safe. Should you need help, your security company can send help.

Key fobs are easy to program, and they integrate with existing security systems. If you have a security system that is compatible with key fob technology, there is no need to update or change your system to start using key fobs. While instructions for programming a security key fob are different for each security system, it is not a difficult process.

Key fobs can be deleted from your security system. You never have to worry about a stranger finding one of your lost key fobs and gaining keyless entry to your home because individual key fobs can easily be deleted from your security system. If you do lose a key fob, Cove has simple steps to follow to remove that fob from your system. After those steps are completed, the security key fob will no longer work for your home. And with Cove, it's easy to order a replacement key fob for the one that was lost.

The cost of getting a security key fob system for your home varies wildly. That cost can be broken down into two basic parts: first, the cost of the overall system, and second, the cost of individual key fobs if you decide you want more or if you need a replacement. Cove provides key fobs for just $25 each.

Now that you know more about the benefits, features, and overall cost of a security key fob system, it is time for you to decide if key fobs are the right move for your personal home security. The convenience, peace of mind, and security that they bring to a home are invaluable.

If you are looking for a way to wirelessly access your home’s security system, Cove provides key fobs that have exactly what you are looking for.