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Alarm Hub Panel

Hub and Alarm Panel

Our hub is like the brain of our security system—it connects all of your sensors to our monitoring stations. And our alarm panel allows you to access and control exactly what your system does. With a tap of the screen, you’ll be able to arm and disarm your system and change your system settings.

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Alarm Hub Panel on table

Powerful protection for the peace of mind you deserve.

The next generation of home security starts with our powerful hub and alarm panel combo. From here, you can customize a system perfect for your home by choosing from our professional-grade sensors and state-of-the-art cameras.

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Alarm Hub Panel

Always stay connected.

Our system uses an ethernet connection with cellular backup, so you won’t have to rely on spotty Wi-Fi or landline connections. When an alarm is triggered, our agents will reach out to you via a phone call and a text message.

Alarm Hub Panel

Complete control at your fingertips.

Our touchscreen alarm panel does much more than an old-fashioned keypad, and it’s easier to use, too. View each sensor’s status, create customized arming and disarming schedules, and even check the weather.

Alarm Hub Panel

Set it up in minutes.

Setting up your system is simple—just plug in your hub, plug in your alarm panel, and walk through our on-screen installation guide. No tools required, and no hassle. The average installation time for our whole system is about 30 minutes.

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Multiple Alarm Panels

The hub supports up to 4 alarm panels so you can arm and disarm your system without having to run to the front door. Place one beside your bed, in the basement, or wherever else is convenient.

Seamless App Integration

Our app and alarm panel share the same layout, making it easy to switch back and forth between them throughout the day.

Customizable User Codes

Whether you have kids or your in-laws are visiting, you might not feel comfortable sharing your master passcode. Our system allows you to set as many individual user passcodes as you need for greater peace of mind.

Maintenance free. Worry free.

Our system takes care of itself. With self-testing sensors and tamper-resistance, you’ll know the minute something goes wrong. And in the unlikely event that you should need it, the hub has a 24-hour backup battery.

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Secure from end to end.

We don’t stop with your home—we also protect your privacy. All of the data from your hub and alarm panel is fully encrypted to give you the extra layer of security you deserve.

Hub Technical Specifications

Alarm Panel Specifications

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Frequently Asked Questions

The combination of a touch screen alarm panel (or alarm keypad) and a system hub is the key to a fully functioning and operable home security system. The alarm panel connects to the central hub of your alarm system, allowing you to interact with the hub and make changes to your system settings as needed. It can connect to door and window contact sensors, motion detectors, smoke alarms, carbon monoxide detectors, flood and freeze sensors, glass break sensors, and medical devices. With the simple combination of your hub and your panel, you’ll be able to control your entire system.

More modern alarm panels, like Cove’s alarm panel, use individual user accounts with unique PINs for varying levels of security access, with one master code to manage them all. This allows members of a family to use the system without granting everyone full-level access to all the administrative functions. It is also more secure than more basic systems where there's only one code for all the system's commands.

A touch screen panel also gives you more detail and greater control over the whole system. Our vivid LED display provides detailed information about each of your sensors, and allows you to easily update your settings. It's significantly easier to use than the keypads provided by most traditional security companies.

The hub is the central command station of your home security system. It connects all your security devices into one control panel, making it possible to arm, disarm, or manage the system. Alarm panels come with different features and functions each, and the one you need will ultimately depend on your needs and budget.

Without an alarm panel and a hub connected to your home security system, the rest of your security devices will not be able to communicate with the monitoring team. By connecting to the system hub, the whole system will function as it was designed to do. When an event occurs and your system's devices are tripped, the hub will be able to sound an alarm, notify you by text and a phone call, and contact the central monitoring team.

With a security company monitoring your home through the hub’s signals, you can rest assured that your alarm system is securely providing your home with the safety it deserves.

Our smart hub will be connected directly into your current Wi-Fi router using an ethernet cable. This internet connection will allow the hub to communicate with our monitoring team. The hub will also be plugged into an AC outlet for power. In case the internet or power cuts out, the hub also includes a backup battery and a cellular chip, which will enable the system to continue functioning.

Our smart alarm panel is powered with an AC outlet and connects to the hub via a closed-loop internet connection, so even when the power or the Wi-Fi goes out, the panel and hub can still communicate with each other. The alarm panel also includes a 4-hour backup battery.

The best kind of alarm panel is, first and foremost, the one that provides the most functionality for your needs. A good alarm system will work seamlessly as one unit, so it's important to get a system that can do it all. It is possible to buy distinct pieces of security hardware and try to manage them all individually, but the chances of false alarms, improper device function, or weakened security greatly increase with the inclusion of different unconnected products. The best security system is one that is connected to all your security hardware and can control them all from one simple device.

One indispensable modern feature of a home alarm system panel is a touchscreen. Old calculator-style, analog button keypads are a thing of the past. They can be difficult to use and program, and don't offer nearly as much information to the user as a large LED touchscreen display. With a touchscreen, input commands are clear and simple. The display can tell you exactly what your options are, and you can select them unmistakably every time. No more fumbling around with squishy analog buttons, making a mistake, and accidentally setting off the alarm when all you wanted to do was tell it you're home now.

Another critical component to an effective alarm system is wireless connectivity. With a wireless touch panel, you can monitor and command your systems from anywhere in your home. Fully wireless systems are easy to install and don't require any wiring or complicated professional installations. A good wireless system can be installed by the user in a short amount of time, and can be configured or reconfigured at any time for the specific needs of the house.

The Cove Smart Alarm Panel can be installed in minutes, and even displays setup instructions right on the large LED screen. It automatically syncs with the wireless sensors you chose when you ordered your system.

You'll need to consider your home's or apartment's unique security needs, and while every situation is different, the best way to achieve peace of mind in your technology solution is to have a modern, fully connected, secure, and monitored system that is easy to use and covers all areas of home protection.

An alarm panel is an essential component of any security system, and the types of alarm panels and other security hub devices available should inform your decision when purchasing a home security system. Cove’s home security touch screen panel and hub are unique in a few important ways:

  • They’ll walk you through the entire system installation process, making your system easy to set up without a professional technician.
  • They plug easily into your wall and router, but they connect wirelessly to your sensors.
  • You can access and control system settings directly from your panel.

If you have existing sensors that work with 345mHZ radio connection, you may be able to connect them to this panel. If you have any questions about connecting your current sensors, please contact us at 855.268.3669.

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