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Your $25 discount has been applied!

Check in with the Cove Connect app.

Enjoy total control over your security system from your living room or across the world. The Cove Connect app makes protecting your home easier than you ever imagined it could be.

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App StoreGoogle Play

Take your home with you wherever you go.

The Cove Connect app integrates seamlessly with the rest of our system, using the same intuitive interface and advanced technology as our alarm panel. So no matter where you go, you’ll always be in control of every piece of your security system.

Arm and disarm your system remotely.

No more racing to the door to beat the countdown. With our convenient app, you can arm your system at your leisure and disarm it before you reach the front door.

Customize your day and night.

Everyone has a unique daily routine. Set automatic arming schedules for your sensors so when you're leaving for work or hitting the gym, you won’t have to worry whether you remembered to arm your security system for the day.

Control your system in one place.

Remotely arm and disarm your system

Confirm or cancel alarms

Create customized schedules

Add, edit, and remove sensors

Group your sensors for easy access.

The Cove Connect app lets you add sensors to your "Favorites" group and view them on your home screen. This makes it easy to bypass a window sensor when you want a little fresh air or turn door chime sounds on when the kids are coming home from school.

Works with any monitoring plan

The Cove Connect app is compatible with all of our monitoring plans, giving you advanced remote functionality no matter which plan you choose.

How can we help you?

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Cove Connect app is our new, updated app. It is designed to work in conjunction with the hub and alarm panel. The hub connects all of your security sensors, and it can be controlled via either the alarm panel or the app. But unlike the alarm panel, you can take your app with you anywhere and still stay connected to your home security system.

The Cove Connect app offers several features, including:

  • Remote arming and disarming: Arm and disarm your system in “Stay,” “Away,” and “Night” mode. You can arm your system from anywhere, even if you are not at home.
  • Adding and removing user passcodes: Create temporary or permanent user passcodes to access your security system. This feature is perfect for family members and guests, and you can even decide how much access to give each user.
  • Accessing and modifying system settings: You can adjust the settings for your whole system or for individual sensors through the app.
  • Grouping sensors: You can select sensors to group together as “Favorites.” Any of those sensors will show up automatically on your home screen, making it easier to bypass or adjust chime settings for those sensors.
  • Creating “Scenes”: “Scenes” is a feature that allows you to create customized rules and schedules for your system, such as, “Arm my system in Away mode every day at 8:30 am.”
The app connects to your security system via internet and cellular network. All of your devices connect to your security hub via 345 mHz radio frequency, and the hub connects to your home internet, which is then controlled by the Cove Connect app on your mobile device.
At this time, self-monitoring is not offered with Cove. Professional monitoring is more secure, and it provides automatic emergency dispatch if you are incapacitated and unable to respond in an emergency. However, you can still check up on your system status, receive notifications, and confirm or cancel alarms through the app.
Yes. You will receive app alerts and notifications for any intrusions or emergencies. You may also receive text notifications and/or phone alerts, depending on how quickly you respond to the alert through the app. Other notifications can be adjusted in the app’s settings.
Multiple users can be added to the app by going to “Settings,” then “Manage Access,” then “By User.” From here, you can add users and modify any existing users.
Yes! We've recently integrated live video feeds and the ability to access recordings with our Cove Connect app. Simply setup your cameras through the Cove Connect app and you will be able to monitor your live feed and access recordings.
Like with most modern mobile apps, your data is as secure as you would like it to be. The Cove Connect app is password protected and can be enabled with biometric authentication. You are able to control which data is shared with the app, including camera and microphone access, etc.