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Medical Alert Necklace

The Cove Medical Alert System provides easy access to authorities when you need medical emergency response services. Wearing the medical alert button around your house and yard can be a lifesaver.

This sample floor plan has one medical alert button next to the bed for easy access at night or whenever needed. If health conditions are serious, we recommend the medical alert system be worn consistently. You can wear the alert button around your neck for easy access and rapid response.


Medical Button Features & Response Benefits

  • Extremely simple to set up
  • 5+ year battery life
  • LED light for alert notification and assured response
  • Customizable options & alerts that fit your lifestyle
  • Portable for around the house
  • Water proof
  • Lifetime warranty available

Each medical alert button is pre-programmed with your Cove Touch panel. You can use this alert system as a medical life alert button for you (or a loved one) to wear or use it as a panic button if you have a break-in while you’re home. With a couple of touches of the screen you confirm your medical alert button is functioning and ready to go. This medical alert system is not designed for automatic fall detection. We also provide a test feature for your medical alert button which provides you reassurance that emergency response services will be available if needed.

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Medical Alert System Setup

Medical buttons do not require installation. Just add (program) your medical button to your alarm system and it’s ready for use. To trigger your medical alert device, press and hold the button for two seconds.

Cove’s Medical Alert response button comes with an adjustable necklace so you can customize its length and comfortably use your medical alert system.

Note: Medical response buttons are designed to be waterproof. We encourage those who wear them to use the medical alert system while bathing. The medical alert button has a range of up to 100 yards from the Cove Touch panel.

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