Glass Break Sensor | Cove Security

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Simple safeguard for glass

Cove glass break sensors detect the specific tone and frequency of shattering glass, so you won’t need to worry about false alarms or unmonitored break-ins. They perfectly round out your home’s anti-intrusion protection.

$35 each

Takes less than 1 minute

Keen ear for trouble

Each sensor interprets the sound of a broken window or door and triggers an alarm on the control panel. It listens for the sound of both cracked and shattered glass. One sensor covers all glass fixtures within 15 feet.

We recommend their use for locked windows, windows that don’t open, and casement windows.

An array of attractive features

  • 5+ year battery life
  • 360 degree sensing angle
  • Hears everything from cracks to shattering glass
  • Lifetime warranty available
  • Mobile app integration
Tech Specs


2.5" x 2.5" x .75"—3.2 oz

Signal Range

100 M Open Air

Operating Humidity

5-90% Non Condensing


345.00 MHz

Battery Type

Two AA batteries

Operating Temperature

14° F - 104° F

Long-lasting protection

Enjoy years of battery life so you can live your life without constant upkeep or maintenance. If the worst happens, our glass break sensor does its job reliably thanks to on-the-dot hourly power checks.

Takes less than 1 minute