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Door Alarms

Cove Door Sensors have a discrete, subtle design to protect your entrances without the awkward, bulky equipment offered by other security companies. Installation is intuitive and enjoyable.

This sample floor plan has two exterior doors. You should have one door alarm sensor on every exterior door.


Door Sensor Features & Security Benefits

  • Extremely simple to install
  • 5+ year battery life
  • Smart, self-testing every 60 minutes
  • Customizable options & alerts that fit your lifestyle
  • Compatible with all door styles
  • Lifetime warranty available

Each door sensor is pre-programmed with your Cove Touch security panel. You can customize each sensor name in your security kit to correlate with its location in your home. With a couple of touches of the screen you can confirm each sensor is setup and ready to start protecting the ones you love.

Arm the entire security system or a single sensor - Cove is yours. You decide what the system does. We’ve engineered our devices to work with your individual needs. If those needs change, simply adjust the system settings. No technician needed. Adding a basement access point? Simply order another door alarm sensor and add it to your security system arsenal yourself. Cove security is that easy.

How-to install
How-to add to panel
Technical info

Door sensor installation

With security you can depend on, trade alarm technicians for easy-to-use tech that lets you install new sensors in minutes without compromising your security

Important: If you are adding new equipment to your alarm system after initial setup, make sure you have already added this door sensor to your panel before installation.

Follow these steps:

  1. For best security results, be sure to place the door magnet and contact sensor within 2 inches of each other and align the two semi-circles from the contact sensor and magnet.

door install diagram

  1. Clean the surfaces of the door and molding before mounting the sensor.

  2. Remove the adhesive backing, press firmly, and hold in place for 30 seconds.

door install correct diagram

  1. If you have decorative molding, it may be better to reverse the setup (magnet on molding, contact sensor on door), doing this will not compromise the security of your door sensor.

  2. If needed, place either alarm piece at a 90 degree angle. As long as the alarm pieces are less than one inch apart, it will not compromise the integrity of your door sensor alarm.