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Carbon Monoxide Detector

The sensor in the Carbon Monoxide detector recognizes carbon monoxide gas to prevent fatal poisoning. Its alarm alerts you to the presence of carbon monoxide in your home and helps maximize your safety and security.

This sample floor plan has two Carbon Monoxide detectors. You can place them near bedrooms so the alarm can alert you of carbon monoxide gas, particularly while sleeping. For enhanced safety you can also place the sensor near your utility room to detect poisoning gas from fuel burning equipment.


Carbon Monoxide Detector Features and Security Benefits

  • Extremely simple to install
  • 5+ year battery life
  • Smart, self-testing every 60 minutes
  • Customizable options & alerts that fit your lifestyle
  • Compatible with all homes
  • Lifetime warranty available

Each carbon monoxide alarm sensor is pre-programmed with your Cove Touch security panel. You can customize each sensor name to correlate with its location within your home. With a couple of touches of the screen you can confirm that each safety sensor is setup and ready to alert the ones you love.

Protecting your family from the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning is much easier with Cove. If carbon monoxide is detected, your alarm siren will sound and an alert will display on your Cove Touch security panel. You are also immediately notified by our 24/7 professional monitoring station.

When your security panel is in an alarm condition due to your sensor detecting carbon monoxide, pressing the hush button on the CO detector will silence the sensor’s alarm for five minutes. However, the alert on your security panel will still sound. This time limit is for your safety. Everyone, including pets, should leave the home immediately and contact local authorities.

How-to install
How-to add to panel
Technical info

CO Detector installation

Step-by-step guide

If you are adding new equipment to your alarm system, make sure you have already added this CO Detector to your alarm system before you install this piece of equipment.

Follow these steps:

Carbon Monoxide Detector Installation

  1. Remove the adhesive backing, press firmly, and hold in place for 30 seconds.

  2. Consult the device manufacturer guide included in your packaging for detailed installation, testing, and maintenance instructions.

Installation Locations

Ceiling mount - Place the detector at least 12 inches from any wall. (measured from the closest outside edge of the detector) The green area below indicates proper placement

Wall mount - Place the detector at least as high as a light switch, and at least 6 inches from the ceiling. (measured from the closest outside edge of the detector). The green area below indicates proper placement.

Best Practices

  1. The detectors are best located within 10 feet of sleeping areas and in bedrooms that contain a fuel burning appliance.

  2. If the appliance or room is not normally used, such as a boiler room, the detector should be placed just outside the room so the alarm can be heard more easily.

Things to Avoid

Do not install Carbon Monoxide Detectors in the following areas:

  1. Next to a door or window that would be affected by drafts.

  2. In or below a cupboard.

  3. Outside the home.

  4. Where air flow would be obstructed by curtains or furniture.

  5. Where dirt or dust could collect and block the detector.

  6. Where it could be knocked, damaged, or inadvertently removed.

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