Touch Alarm Panel | Cove Security

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Reliable, rain and shine

Our Touch Panel monitors each sensor's hourly heartbeat signals while continually self-diagnosing. If thieves open a window or try to disarm your system, our live monitoring agents will communicate to you through the panel, text, and phone call. If something's not right they will send a verified alert to authorities who respond — faster. And with a 24-hour backup battery, you don't have to worry about weather outages.

Set up without the headache

Setting up is simple, just plug in your panel and walk-through our on-screen easy setup. No drilling, no wires, and no hassle. Arm and disarm from the panel, key fob, or app.

Tech Specs


9"x4.5”—3.2 lbs

Power usage

12v dc (standard outlet) / 1.5A with 24 hour backup battery

Touch screen



100% cellular


Two way audio communication


84 db (think power lawn mower)

Connectivity radios

345 MHz

Is everything ok?

A DIY system with top-of-the-line

A DIY system with top-
of-the-line monitoring

Cove’s agents are monitoring your system 24/7 from six different US locations. They'll notify you at the start of trouble through the panel, a text, and a phone call. If they aren't able to verify a false alarm or they get your duress code they'll alert authorities and will stay with you until everything is clear.