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Kami Doorbell Camera

Kami Doorbell Camera

Keep an eye on your front porch

The perfect doorbell camera to see and chat with visitors. Know when packages arrive at your door, with HD live video streaming, 2-way communication, and smart PIR motion detection.

Phone Camera Control

Built for a Busy Life

Whether you’re at home cooking and taking care of the kids, or you’re across the world, you’ll always be just a couple of taps away from the front door. Answer your door digitally from the Cove app and talk directly to your visitors!

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A Doorbell for All Seasons

Cloud RainSun ShineSnow

Enjoy reliable video streaming in rain, shine, snow, or dust with an IP-65 weatherproof rating. And rest assured that your doorbell camera can take care of itself with anti-theft sensing capabilities and a built-in alarm.

Store Video in the Cloud

Store Video in the Cloud

Save clips from your doorbell camera and store them in the cloud or save them to your phone so you can review them later. This way, you’ll be able to view video of thieves, strangers, or friends at your convenience.

See Clearly Day and Night

See Clearly Day and Night

With crystal-clear 1080p HD video during the day and infrared vision during the night, you’ll see everything. So don’t worry about distinguishing between intruders and squirrels with this doorbell camera.

Choose Your Power Source

Choose Your Power Source

Our Kami Doorbell Camera is as versatile as you need it to be. It can be powered by battery, by USB cable, or by connecting it to your home’s doorbell wiring. So whatever works for you works for your camera!

Kami Doorbell Camera Side View

Setup That Works for You

This doorbell camera is built for ease of installation. Install it yourself in minutes, or have one of our HelloTech professionals install it for you! Check out our installation instructions page for more information.

*The Kami Doorbell Camera is not compatible with digital doorbells at this time.
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Kami Doorbell Installation and Setup

Tech Specs

DIMENSIONS2.5" x 5.34" x 1.3"
WEIGHT5.09 ounces (without battery) 8.94 ounces (with battery)
VIDEO RESOLUTION1920 x 1080@20fps
WI-FI2.5 GHz
TAMPERPROOF FEATURESAnit-theft tampering sensor
LENSAperature f2.5 Viweing angle D:195° H:171° V:91°
INFRARED NIGHT VISIONPCS, max 80mA, 2θ=120°, λ=850nm

Frequently Asked Questions

The installation process for your doorbell camera will depend on the type of doorbell your home currently uses. The two most common types of doorbells are mechanical and digital. If you do not currently have a doorbell, you can still install the Kami Doorbell Camera, but you will need to use the rechargeable battery instead of wiring the doorbell to your home. This doorbell is not currently compatible with digital door chimes, so if you have a digital doorbell, we would recommend purchasing the SkyBell Doorbell Camera. Please visit our installation guide at covesmart.com/kami-doorbell-installation for more detailed instructions on setting up your Kami Doorbell Camera.

Yes. The Kami doorbell camera requires a consistent Wi-Fi network to connect to your home security system and record video. The camera runs off of a 2.4GHz Network, so if your router is dual-band (5 GHz), please make sure your phone is connected to the 2.4GHz network before starting. If you are unsure what network your router is broadcasting, we suggest contacting your Internet Service Provider and they can let you know which network your router is on and how to switch it to the 2.4 GHz.

Yes, the Kami doorbell camera is capable of capturing and recording HD video. You will be able to record to the cloud or save clips to your phone or another device if desired. The standard recording length can be set between 6-60 seconds. When the motion detector is triggered, the doorbell camera will automatically record for the standard time, in addition to the length of time of the initial motion event (for a total of 35-70 seconds).

You’ll be able to view the live and saved video from your Cove app. You will open up the Cove app, tap on the camera icon, then open up the live feed. This will show you live video of exactly what is happening on your front step. If you have saved video recordings, you can also access them from your mobile device’s storage.

The Kami doorbell camera can be totally wireless or partially wired. We recommend connecting the camera to your normal doorbell wiring. If you currently have a digital doorbell rather than a mechanical one, you will need to disconnect your chime, as this camera is not compatible with digital doorbell chimes at this time. Please note that your current doorbell wiring must be fully powered and functional in order to support a new doorbell camera.

The two-way audio feature on the doorbell camera is designed to be easy for you to use. The microphone in your camera will pick up your visitors’ voices and carry them to you through the mobile app. You can also speak to your visitors from the mobile app.

You can either replace your current doorbell with your Kami doorbell camera, or you can install the camera adjacent to your current doorbell if you’d like to keep your current doorbell functions.

This doorbell camera can replace your traditional doorbell, or it can be installed using battery only and work in conjunction with your current doorbell.

The Kami Doorbell Camera includes a PIR motion sensor. This means that whenever someone walks past your door and triggers the motion sensor, your phone will receive a doorbell notification, and the camera will begin recording automatically. You will also receive notifications when someone rings your home's doorbell camera.