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Water Leak Detector

Cove Water Sensors are smart and discrete unlike the awkward, bulky sensors offered by other companies. Flood sensors are designed to alert you quickly in the event of plumbing leaks and other causes of residential floods.

This sample floorplan has 1 bathroom flood sensor between the toilet and the sink. You can place them under water heaters, sinks, a fridge or anywhere there is running water.


Water Sensor features

  • Smart, simple installation
  • Instant Leak Detection
  • Lifetime warranty available
  • Easily relocate sensor if needed
  • Customizable options and alerts
  • Smart self-testing every 60 minutes
  • Freeze sensor included for early warning of potential leaks

Each smart water sensor is delivered to your home pre-programmed and ready for easy installation. Flood sensors monitor your home 24/7 for leaks or flood issues so you don’t have to deal with the hassle and cost of repairs and deductibles. Some home insurers reward homes that have our water sensor(s) with premium discounts!

How-to install
How-to add to panel
Technical info

Water Sensor setup

Placing the Flood Sensor

Place the flood sensor in the areas recommended below with the four gold contacts facing down. It may be wise if you have small children to locate the sensor(s) in a secluded area.

Smart installation Locations

  1. Behind a toilet

  2. Under a sink.

  3. Under a fridge.

  4. Near a washing machine.

  5. Near a water heater.

  6. In a basement.

Flood Sensor Purpose

The flood sensor is designed to quickly detect leaks and flooding. It also prevents leaks by notifying you of temperatures below 41 degrees that could cause water pipes to burst. These features are designed to provide early detection in the case of a water leak or freezing temperatures and can minimize damages and expenses.