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Security Key Fob

When it comes to using your security system regularly, convenience and automation is essential. Cove wireless home security key fobs make it simple to arm and disarm your alarm system at the press of a button, without the need to rush to and from the Cove Touch security panel. The alarm system can handle multiple key fobs in case you have the need for more than one person to have wireless access to your alarm system.

In the floor plan above, the security key fob is located near the front door. Many people place the home security key fob on their keychains. Place the wireless security key fob in a location that will be easy for you to access, but not obvious enough for a burglar to discover it and disarm your security system.


Security Key Fob Features

  • Extremely simple to set up
  • 5+ year battery life
  • Serves as a panic button
  • Lifetime warranty available

If you have used a security or automation system before, but did not have access to a wireless security key fob, you will enjoy the convenience and added usability it provides. Many security customers have complained of anxiety and apprehension when using older systems that require you to rush to the panel and disarm it before triggering sirens and dispatching authorities. Make your life easier by simply adding the needed number of wireless key fobs to interact with your Cove Touch security panel at the press of a button. The Cove security key fob works up to 100 yards from the home. Also included is an emergency panic button that will alert local authorities when activated, even when the Cove Touch security panel is disarmed. Alarm automation has never been simpler.

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Security Key Fob Installation

The wireless Cove home security key fob does not require installation. If not already programmed, simply add the key remote to your alarm system by following the directions on the video to the right. During programming, trigger your security key fob by pressing and holding any button for two seconds.

Note: Key remotes are NOT designed to be waterproof. The key fob has a range of 100 yards from the Cove Touch panel.

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