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5-Star Security Can Change Your Life

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Home security is one of the few things that can protect homes from burglary. Studies have proven over and over again that homes without home security are 300 times more likely to be targeted by a burglar.

Homes that already have a home security system installed and already practice home security skills are less likely to be the target. Because burglars look for the easiest target, breaking into a secured home poses more obstacles, and only desperate burglars will even attempt to break into a home with an obvious security system.

However, the question remains: does the quality of your security system matter? Will a burglar even know the difference? In this article, we will answer those questions and more to ensure that your home is protected against potential threats to your safety.

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Is a Home Security System Worth the Hype?

First of all, let’s answer questions about your average home security system. Specifically, is having a home security system worth the hype? A home security system has been proven to increase your safety while you’re both at home and away from the home. You can install outdoor cameras, motion sensors, and other home security devices that help to make you feel more comfortable at home.

Over the last several years, the number of homeowners with home security has nearly tripled. As technology advances, systems become more high-tech and better quality. Now, devices can be installed with HD video quality, motion detection, and night vision all in one device. As technology improves, home security systems become more adept at providing protection for homes. They act as private security for anyone who wants to feel safer at night and while they’re gone during the day. The job of a system is to make homeowners and security customers and clients feel safer.

In short, yes. A home security system is worth the hype. Home security systems can protect your home during burglary, fire, carbon monoxide, and medical emergencies. With a variety of features available to you, you can customize the systems to blend in with your home. Essentially, having a home security system is like having a private security guard who watches over your home every minute of the day.

5 Star Security Infographic. Smart Features. professional and remote Monitoring. Customizable Devices. Great Customer Service

Benefits of Having a 5-Star Security System

There are many benefits to having even a basic home security system. For starters, even with a basic security system, most burglars will run the other way. However, with a five star security system, homeowners can trust their system to protect their homes no matter what. A five star security system can provide security that other systems can’t. Most five star systems come with features that will change how you look at home security. To read more about five star features, keep reading in the next section under “Features that Make 5 Star Security.”

In this section, we’ll continue by showing what benefits you will find by having a five security system, instead of a lesser security system. So, first of all, a five star security system means that a large majority of the system’s reviews were given five stars. The reviews are combining safety ratings, customer service ratings, and security solutions to give the company a final score. So factoring in unhappy customers and happy customers, over 90 percent of the customers were more than satisfied with the product. Achieving a five star review is not an easy job for a company. It takes good employees, great management, and an incredible product for 90 percent of their customers to grant them a five star score. When you see a company with a five star rating, or even four star security services, you know that the company is doing something right.

There are a few things that you can expect when you buy a five star service. Expect your home security system to be like having security officers surrounding your home. Motion sensors will be like officers watching for threats in the distance, cameras will be like officers recording anything suspicious, and door locks will be like officers holding the door close and sounding the alarm when a door does open. The system will give you patrols around your home, ensuring that nothing suspicious happens and that everything is in place. How does this work?

The best home security systems are smart security systems. We will talk more about what it means to have a smart security system in the next section. Essentially, a smart security system can connect to your phone. This way, if an alarm is triggered, you will get the notification directly to your mobile device providing you more direct control over your home security. This ensures that you always know what is happening on your property.

Home security systems can also help protect you during event services. If you’re a social person and you love to have people invited to your home, your home security system will protect your belongings, even when you’re inviting strangers to come and visit with you. Rather than worry about event staffing for security reasons, your system will act as your event security. With indoor cameras, you can keep an eye on your valuables and stay in charge of your home security. Outdoor cameras will watch over your vehicle, your driveway, and your neighbor’s car, while indoor cameras will protect credit cards, business computers, and other valuables that you keep in your home. A five star security system will give you peace of mind no matter what scenario you’re in.

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Features that Make 5-Star Security

Not every home security system is going to be a five star system. Often, when a system over promises or overcompensates, their scores are lowered. Customers leave unsatisfied because the company was unable to deliver on their promises. However, with a five star system, you don’t have to worry about being frustrated with lacking results. A five star system is one of your best security solutions that you can use. In this section, we will talk about 5 features that make a regular security system into a five star security system.

  • Access to Smart Features: The first important feature in a five star security system is that the system can talk to you while you’re away from home. Some home security systems come with professional monitoring. And, while professional monitoring can be good, it’s better to have access to your system through a smart device. With smart features, you can keep track of your home and your system from anywhere.
  • Professional Monitoring: Alarm systems can also qualify you for private, professional monitoring on your home security system. Private monitoring is done by the company. With private monitoring, the company will securely monitor your home through the system. If a motion sensor is triggered or they suspect suspicious activity, the security company will call the law enforcement officers to secure your home. When the law enforcement personnel arrive, you will be instructed to wait as the police officers access the risk. When they determine that your home is safe, you will be able to return home. However, private monitoring is best when you can use a system with remote monitoring as well. Security experts don’t recommend systems that only offer professional monitoring with no smart features.
  • Remote Monitoring: To have a five star system, most systems have to have remote monitoring. Remote monitoring is an important feature because it allows the client to have control over their home. Most people prefer to know what is happening at their homes while they’re away. Professional monitoring can limit this since only the security company will know what is happening while the client is left in the dark. Remote monitoring allows you to view your home on your mobile phone through the security cameras, giving you control.
  • Customizable Devices: Every home is different. Your home is different from your neighbor’s home, and you will need different devices. To be a five star system, you need to be able to have the devices that you want in your home and take out the devices that you don’t want. This helps your system to match your home and will help you to feel at ease with your home security system.
  • Great Customer Service: Customer service is probably one of the most important features of a five star system. Customers want to feel loved and appreciated, and with great customer service, they can have both of those things. When a client calls a company, the first people they talk to are the employees. If the employees are kind, direct, and helpful, the client will feel happy and enjoy the service. However, if the employees are rude and pushy, the customers might feel flustered. Having great customer service can change a three star system into a five star system.
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Average Cost of a High-Value Security System

High-value security systems can be expensive. Every year, you could be paying several thousand dollars in fees and bills to keep your home security system up and working. Here at Cove Security, we believe that expensive home security companies are robbing their customers. To be a great security system, all you need is alarms and a fast response time. Homeowners want to feel in charge of their home, and they want to if their home is in danger. That’s why we offer home security for a better price with better security options. Our security systems are significantly less expensive than our competitors without sacrificing the quality of the product. Instead, we took out the unnecessary and flamboyant parts of the system to give our customers as high-quality system for a quarter of the price.

On average, home security systems cost 50 dollars a month, not including fees. Often, high-end systems can cost even more than that, leading to bills that overwhelm homeowners after the first few years. Finding a home security system that fits in your budget should be a priority.

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5-Star Security with Cove Security

Cove Security happily claims one of the few positions as a five star security system. By working closely with customers, offering 24/7 assistance, and lowering the cost of home security, we have worked our way into the mainstream of home security. Our customers rave about our products and give consistent five star ratings to our home security systems.

Our home security systems come with several features, including professional monitoring, easy DIY installation, and 10x faster response time than our competitors. With rates as low as 15 dollars a month, our security systems are one of the best deals you can get in home security. Our goal is to make home security available to everyone. Often, home security can be too expensive for families, meaning that they can’t gain access to home security even if they want it. We believe that that’s unfair. To give more people home security, we created a company that offers home security for less. Now, home security is the cheapest bill of the month, helping all families to have access to home security without worrying about busting the budget.

Here at Cove Security, we care about our customers. We want you to feel appreciated and heard. That’s why we do our best to listen to your concerns and improve our security systems based on the feedback that we receive from our customers. Our business is built around our customers. For us, our customers are the center of gravity, they are law. And we will do everything in our power to ensure that our customers are satisfied. We are the easy solution to home security concerns. We have high standards for home security and promise our customers amazing service. Each of our security systems comes with a 60-day guarantee, meaning that if the system isn’t a good fit for your home, you can return it. No questions asked. This protects you from contracts and from things that make you nervous.

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