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Safety Tips for DIY Home Improvement Projects

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Man and woman working on a DIY painting project in their home.

Itching to update that fireplace mantel? Paint the guest room? Replace a faucet in the bathroom? There are a million potential DIY home improvement projects ready to be done.

If you’re looking at possibly doing a bit of remodeling, be sure to include safety into the equation. In this article, we’ll give you safety tips so your DIY home improvement projects can go smoothly.

Couple with protective eye gear working on a DIY home rennovation.

Plan ahead. Watch all the instructional videos, ask the handy friend, and talk to the people at the hardware store while you are planning your project. The more prepared you are, the more likely you can tackle the DIY project safely.

Wear protective gear. Always have eye protection, a face mask, gloves, ear plugs, and a hard hat on so you are protected against sparks, dust, loud noises, or potential falling objects.

Common household tools on a pegboard.

Always have a fire extinguisher handy. When you start a DIY project, make sure your fire extinguisher is nearby just in case. As part of your Cove home security system, you can include smoke detectors that will alert you at the first sign of fire.

Know your tools. If you get a new tool for a project, read all the directions and learn how to use it safely. Maybe before starting your DIY project, use the tool for something small so you’re familiar with it. Power tools and anything sharp always call for extra precaution.

Cove home security system.

Protect your tools. If you’re working on a project outside or in your garage, you may be tempted to leave tools laying around while you run to the hardware store or take a lunch break. Don’t do it! Theft happens at all hours, and it only takes a minute for someone to grab an expensive and essential tool. Close your garage or bring tools inside while you’re not actively using them. A Cove home security system can help deter potential thieves with cameras, sensors, and a secondary siren.

Update your first aid kit. As you’re getting organized for your home project, include updating your first aid kit into the mix. If you get a cut while you’re working, you want to be sure you have the supplies necessary right there when you need them.

Know where your home’s water main shutoff is located. If you’re working around plumbing, it’s always wise to know how to turn off the water main for your house. If you accidentally nick a pope, you don’t want to be searching around while your house fills up with water. While you’re at it, install a Cove water leak detector and get a notification when the moisture level gets too high.

Take extra precautions with electrical. If you’re moving an outlet or adding a can light, you’re going to need enough know-how to tackle it. Be extra careful with electrical DIY projects. Switch off the power to that area on your home’s breaker box. If you don’t feel comfortable, call an electrician.

Man cutting wood for a DIY home project.

Good luck! Making your house a home with a DIY project can be rewarding, especially those before and after pictures. When working on any home improvement project, just make sure you are making safety a top priority. Always follow instructions, watch for potential hazards, and if something comes up, ask for professional help.

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