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DIY Home Security

Revolver on Black Bag

Keeping Your Pistol Safe, Secure, and Accessible at Home

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Nice Hallway Door With Lock

How and When to Change Locks on House

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White unlocked bedroom door. Bed, plant, window, and wood flooring seen through the open door.

Bedroom Door Lock

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Part of fire sprinkler system mounted to the outside of a house wall

DIY Home Fire Sprinkler System and Fire Safety

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Android cell phone recording a public place like a security camera.

How to Use an Old iPhone as a Security Camera

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Padlock on a teal door or gate.

How to Open A Padlock Without a Key

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Man looking out of a window of a home into trees.

How to Break a Window in an Emergency

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Infographic: How to Break Into a Safe

How to Break Into a Safe if You Lose the Keys or Comb

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Title Card: Safe Room Ideas

Safe Room Ideas for a More Secure Home

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Title Card: How to Make Booby Traps: Brutal Security Devices In Modern and Ancient History

How to Make Booby Traps: Brutal Security Devices in Modern and Ancient History

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Yellow locked door set into a brick building.

Your Car And Your Home: How to Unlock a Door

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How To Lock a Door with a lock, screwdriver, and rope.

How to Lock a Door Without a Lock

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Beautiful reinforced door in a nice house with shrubs and vines growing on it.

Guide to Door Reinforcement

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identify thief taking personal information to steal money while wearing a skeleton mask and sunglasses.

How to Protect Yourself From Identity Theft

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A wall or floor safe where part of the floor has been removed to show the hidden safe.

Protection For Your Valuables: Install A Floor Safe In Your Home

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Each building and fire escape are painted a different color.

Be Prepared: 4 Steps to Create a Fool-Proof Fire Escape and Fire Safety Plan

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crosswalk stop hand on sign signifying safe precautions and tips.

Safety Tips and Safety Precautions for the Everyday

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A long couch is floating on top of the foot of water in the room due to not having a temperature monitoring system.

Flooded House Checklist for Homeowners and Renters

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A close up wheel with a brake lock anti-theft device.

10 Anti Theft Devices to Secure Every Inch of Your Property

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RV parked on small rocks. The lights are on inside and the moon is high in the sky.

How to Keep Your RV Safe from Theft

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Young red haired woman holding out keys in front of her. Her white can is behind her parked near a lake.

Get A Magnetic Key Holder: Stop Losing Your Keys

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Danger sign with skull and crossbones on a green metal wall.

Is CO Heavier Than Air?

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CCTV Camera

Keep Your Eyes and Ears Open 24/7 with Security Monitors and Recorders

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security cameras in use warning sign

Home Security Signs And Other Ways To Deter Burglars

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garage door

Top 11 Ways to Secure Your Garage

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scenic window

5 Sliding Glass Door Weaknesses and How to Secure Them

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scary window

Five Tips to Secure Basement Windows

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colorful wall

How to Burglar Proof Windows

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White two-story home with red door and trim surrounded by trees with yellow leaves.

8 Ways to Secure Your Home While On Vacation

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cime scene

10 Tips to Stop Crime From Happening to You

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