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10 Anti Theft Devices to Secure Every Inch of Your Property

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In Nashville, Tennessee on February 10th, 2020, two 13-year-olds were arrested for auto theft. They were able to lojack and steal a 2015 Hyundai Sonata, which had been reported stolen earlier. The police saw the car and followed cautiously. When the car was parked, the police were able to corner the teens in their parking spot and arrest the two young teens. The two kids were able to steal the car because there had been no security locks installed in the car. Therefore, when the two car thieves entered the vehicle, they didn’t have to break through the windows or hassle with a steering wheel lock or brake lock. Essentially, the car was ready to be driven off.

Every day, there are hundreds of stories similar to this one. According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau, there is one auto theft every 6.5 minutes and 156 auto thefts every day. Needless to say, vehicle theft is a major crime in the United States. Another major crime in the United States is home burglary, with over 2.2 million burglaries happening every year.

When your property is stolen, whether it’s your wallet, your car, or something from inside your house, it leaves you feeling violated and upset. Because of that, anti theft devices are becoming more and more popular. Every car is automatically manufactured with an internal anti theft device. For additional protection, other anti theft systems can also be added to your car, such as a steering wheel lock, tire lock, car alarm, brake lock, GPS tracker, and more. For homes, devices such as home security cameras, door locks, window locks, and motion sensors help to keep your home from becoming a target for burglars. In this article, we will discuss 10 different anti theft devices that will keep your house and car safe.

Man's arm on the steering wheel of a nice car that deserves an anti theft device steering wheel lock.

1. Steering Wheel Lock

A steering wheel lock stops your car from being stolen. Modern cars are equipped with a wheel lock, but the mass-manufactured lock is easy for an experienced car thief to bypass. That’s why it’s important to have a steering wheel lock that you can install on your car when you leave it in the parking lot. Some wheel locks cover the entire wheel of the car, up to the steering column, and are impossible to remove unless you have the key. The locks are unpickable, and there is no way to drive the car without removing the wheel lock. Other wheel locks are simpler, but also effective in preventing someone from driving off with the car by acting as a steering immobilizer. Even if someone is able to get the car into ignition, they won’t be able to move the car anywhere other than in a straight line (hence being named a steering immobilizer). It’s important to know that most modern cars are built to prevent a car thief from illicitly accessing the ignition. Check with your car dealer to see if your car is protected.

Close up of a key fob resting on center console of a car.

2. Keyless Entry with Key Fob

Most cars built before 2016 use traditional keys to get into the vehicle. The only issue with a key is that the car can be opened if the car thief is experienced. An ignition key requires a keyhole. And if there is a keyhole, the lock can be picked. A keyless entry removes the need for the key and means that there is no way for a car thief to break into the car without smashing a window and setting off an alarm. Keyless entry works by using a key fob instead. These unlock the car from a distance with the click of a button. The goal of a keyless fob is to make it so the car won’t start without the fob being present. Thieves won’t be able to steal the vehicle without the fob.

Some cars also come with a touch feature that unlocks the car when you touch the handle. This feature is one of the safest features in car manufacturing. Because the vehicle unlocks upon your touch, you don’t have to worry about fumbling in your bag with your keys. In situations where you feel unsafe, or you feel like someone is following you, a key fob puts you in the best situation. Simply touch the car door, and as long as you have your keys in your bag on your side of the vehicle, the door will unlock, and you can get inside and lock the doors. With a key fob, all you will ever need to worry about is the key fob battery.

Two cars in a garage with the hoods up where anti theft tracking devices are placed.

3. Tracking Devices

A GPS tracking device is one of the best things that you can have in a car. If the car is stolen, you will know exactly where the vehicle is going. These tracking devices can be simple and can be placed in the glove box of the car. As technology improves, tracking devices also continue to improve.

Now, tracking devices can be smaller than your thumb and can be hidden inside of a car, such as a Tile device. With GPS tracking, you can prevent auto thieves from getting away with your car. You will always know where your vehicle is. Using GPS tracking paired with your vehicle identification number, the cops will be able to track down your vehicle within hours of the vehicle being stolen, making vehicle recovery easy.

Police Cars on Busy City Corner with lights on.

4. Vehicle Anti-Theft Alarm

Combined with all of the other car anti theft devices, the vehicle anti-theft alarm is an effective way to prevent vehicle theft. Every car comes with an alarm, but you can also install alarms on your vehicle that are louder and customized to your vehicle. Audible alarms for your car can help your vehicle to be more noticeable. If there is someone around while the vehicle is being stolen, or while the vehicle is in the process of being stolen, the thief will be caught. Alarms are one of the best things for theft deterrents. Anti-theft devices can come in many forms. Finding the best lock, hood lock, cover for the car wheel, tire lock, or anything else that could act as an immobilizer is important to protect your car.

White Cove Door and Window Sensor

5. Window Alarm

Cars aren’t the only thing that thieves will target; thieves will also target your homes. A simple way to deter burglars and thieves from targeting your house is by making your house threatening. Put up cameras, security systems, close your garage, and lock your windows. When those things fail, the window alarm is a necessity. Thieves will always enter a home through either the door or window. To prevent this, install a window alarm. A window alarm stops thieves from using the window. As soon as the window is opened, an alarm sounds. Like we mentioned with car alarms, loud noises scare thieves away. No burglar wants to be caught red-handed. So, when the alarm sounds, they run.

White Door Sensor Attached to Open White Door

6. Door Alarm

Similar to window alarms, door alarms are a great anti-theft device for your house. Door alarms are installed on all doors leading to the outside. The door alarm is triggered when the door is opened. This prevents a burglar from picking the lock or busting the door open. Because the door alarm is connected to the door itself and not to the lock, the door alarm will be triggered every time the door is opened. This, when used with the window alarm, arms every entrance to your home.

Cove's white motion sensor on a white background.

7. Motion Sensors

Motion sensors are perhaps one of the most important tools you can use to protect your property. They can be used in flood lights, security cameras, or just as a motion-sensor alarm. They can be hooked up to your mobile phone and tell you when someone is walking down your driveway. There are endless uses for motion sensors. Motion sensors can and will protect your home in a countless number of ways.

Cars in an open garage

8. Garage Sensor

Using a garage sensor is great for protecting your home if your garage connects to your house. A garage sensor should be able to connect wirelessly to your phone and should be able to be controlled remotely. If the sensor is controlled remotely, your house will be protected. So, how do you use a garage sensor? A garage sensor should be used to ensure that your garage door stays closed at all times. If the door is left open, you can close the door remotely.

Cove Indoor Security Camera

9. Security Cameras

As you can imagine, security cameras are a great tool to use as an anti-theft device. Security cameras themselves are extremely intimidating to burglars and thieves. Security cameras often use motion detection to ensure that every moment is caught on camera. Because of this, burglars do their best to avoid targeting homes that use security cameras. Cameras should be placed both inside and outside of the home to ensure that the entire home is protected.

Cove Security offers cameras with motion detection, night vision, wide angle view, and wireless app connection. Because our cameras are completely wireless, they can be placed anywhere in the home. They can be moved from one shelf to another, or placed on the wall. They can be installed in a room with a sleeping baby to be used as a baby monitor, or put in the living room as a nanny cam. Security cameras can be used for countless purposes.

Cove panel surrounded by other Cove gadgets. Smoke detector, CO detector, medical alert necklace, key fob, and flood sensors.

10. Home Security System

As you may realize, burglars don’t want to get caught. Their goal is to be stealthy, sneaky, quiet, and to avoid being seen. They target homes that will be easy rather than homes that look like they will be a challenge. Studies have shown that a vast majority of burglars will avoid targeting a house if the house has an obvious security system. Other studies have shown that burglars will turn away as soon as they see a home security sign in the front yard. The research done on criminals shows that they will do almost anything to avoid security systems.

Home security systems can be your best defense against a burglar. Home security systems come with a variety of tools and devices that you can use to protect your home. At Cove Security, we offer home security systems that will protect every inch of your house. From security cameras, motion sensors, smart fire alarms, window sensors, and door alarms, we have it all. We even offer medical alert devices and flood alerts to ensure that your home is protected from every angle, both from threats within the walls and the threats coming from outside. Your home is the most important thing that you own. It is where your family lives and where they are meant to feel comfortable. That’s why protecting your home should be one of (if not the most) important thing that you do.

Protection is one thing that you should put as a priority. Whether that means getting a lock for your car wheel or an alarm for your front door, make sure that you are protecting the things that you love.

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