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7 Things Home Security Experts Never Do

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Security guard calls for backup on a walkie talkie while monitoring cameras.

Your home is safe. Right? While many homeowners focus on what they should do to protect their property, it's equally important to understand what not to do. That’s why we’re turning to home security experts for insight.

From security guards to police to first responders, home security experts have a wealth of knowledge from life experience. They’ve seen the common things criminals do to break in and they’ve seen what happens when homeowners aren’t vigilant. In this article, we’ll take a look at seven things home security experts NEVER do.

Man locking his front door with a set of keys.

Forget About Locking Doors: Locking doors seems like an obvious step, but it's surprising how many overlook it. Experts never neglect to lock doors, both when leaving the house and when inside. They prioritize sturdy locks on all entry points, including windows and doors, and make sure to lock them even when just stepping out for a short period. Experts also recommend not hiding spare keys outside your home.

woman arming alarm system through alarm panel

Skip Out on a Home Security System: Experts know that homes with security systems installed are 300% less likely to be targeted by criminals. They recommend homeowners never forget to arm their systems, even if they’re just going to leave the house for a short period of time. They also tell people to add sensors, cameras, and other essential pieces of a home security system, and opt for professional monitoring. Cove home security’s affordability helps it to be more accessible for people.

Rely Solely on Self-Monitoring: While self-monitoring security systems have become increasingly popular, experts understand their limitations. Experts understand the value of professional monitoring services. Consulting with security professionals ensures a comprehensive approach to home security.

cove mark at house entrance

Share Too Much Information: Broadcasting details of your home security setup can inadvertently compromise its effectiveness. Experts never reveal sensitive information about their security measures, such as the location of cameras or the specifics of alarm systems, to strangers or on social media platforms. Experts also never share on social media about their absence.

Neglect Regular Maintenance: Home security systems require regular maintenance to function optimally. Experts never neglect this aspect. Whether it's checking batteries in alarms, updating software on smart devices, or fixing broken locks, regular maintenance is essential to keep your security measures effective. Experts also never forget to keep landscaping maintained so criminals don’t have places to hide.

water leak sensor on bathroom floor

Underestimate the Importance of Lighting: Adequate lighting is a simple yet powerful deterrent against intruders. Home security experts never underestimate the importance of well-lit exteriors. They ensure that entry points, pathways, and vulnerable areas around the home are well illuminated, deterring potential intruders and providing better visibility for security cameras. Motion-detection lights or even lights on timers help to deter criminals.

Stay Uninformed about Environmental Hazards: Home security isn't just about protecting against burglaries; it's also about safeguarding against environmental hazards like fires and floods. Experts never overlook these threats and invest in integrated security systems that include smoke detectors, carbon monoxide sensors, and water leak detectors to mitigate such risks.

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Protecting your home requires a proactive and holistic approach. By understanding what not to do, as outlined by home security experts, you can better safeguard your property and loved ones. Prioritize home safety in every sense of the word. By following these principles, you can create a safer and more secure home environment for you and your family. Ready to give Cove a try? Take our quiz below to get started.

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