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3 Ways Cove Sends Help Faster Than Other Security Companies

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Finding a home security company that’s the right fit for you can feel overwhelming. What features are important? How do you know if a system is reliable? How quickly does a home security system send help?

When you become overwhelmed with the number of features available, it can be tempting to settle on a cheaply-made self-monitored camera, or to sign a 3-year contract with a door-to-door salesperson. But contracted security companies don’t always mean high-quality security, and there are inexpensive security options that will provide the professional monitoring you deserve.

Cove is a security company that provides all the perks of both DIY and traditional security companies. We provide professional monitoring for less than half of what traditional companies charge (you can check out our monitoring plans here, but our systems are customizable, easy to install, and contract-free!

Most importantly, we send help faster than those other companies can. In an emergency, we understand that every minute counts. Here are a few of the tricks we’ve got up our sleeve to send help to your home more quickly.

How Does an Alarm System Work?

To fully understand the significance of these features, you’ll need to first understand how a professionally monitored alarm system works. There are 3 distinct locations that are involved when your alarm is triggered.

  1. Your home—the location where your security system is installed: Let’s say your smoke/CO detector is triggered. The sensor will send a ping to your panel, letting it know that an emergency is occurring and the monitoring team needs to be contacted.
  2. The monitoring team—A team of trained professionals that will contact you to make sure you’re all right in the event of an alarm. This team will also reach out to the emergency dispatchers for your area if you confirm your alarm (or if they don’t hear back from you).
  3. The dispatch team—This is a team of local professionals that is NOT part of your security company, but is contacted by your security company to get help to your home.

The monitoring team is a necessary part of every professionally-monitored home security system. But most monitoring teams rely on old-fashioned phone calls to communicate with both you and with dispatchers.

Phone calls are more time-consuming than many other forms of communication. That’s why Cove provides 3-factor verification and digital dispatch with RapidSOS.


3-Factor Alarm Verification

At Cove, we use a system called TripleTouch™ to reach out and confirm your alarms. Confirming your alarms is important for getting help more quickly. Police and other authorities will always respond to alarms from security systems, but a significant portion of these alarms are false.

When you confirm that you need help, you’ll get it more quickly, since your local authorities are likely handling many emergencies at once.

As mentioned above, most security companies reach out to confirm alarms via a phone call only. This is inefficient, and some estimate that as many as 70% of these phone calls go unanswered.

Cove’s 3-factor alarm verification system reaches out via 3 different methods almost instantaneously, so that we can confirm your alarms more quickly and with greater accuracy.

  1. Text message: We’ll send you a text message when your security system triggers an alarm. You can easily confirm or cancel your alarm via text message.
  2. Panel call: Cove’s panel is uniquely designed to enable you to speak directly with monitoring. Our monitoring team will call you and ask you if you need help. If you don’t, you’ll just provide the team with your verbal password to cancel the alarm.
  3. Phone call: We haven’t completely given up on phone calls. They’re still a valuable tool, and one we’ll use to try to reach you. But they’re not the only tool in our arsenal.

TripleTouch™ is a great way to get the help you need more quickly, and to reduce the number of false alarms you receive as well. This can be helpful, especially since many local police departments charge fines after a certain number of false alarms.

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Digital Dispatch With RapidSOS

Cove is the first home security company that has partnered with RapidSOS to provide digital dispatch services. Estimates show that RapidSOS can decrease dispatch time by up to 4 minutes. In an emergency, that’s huge!

Here’s how it works:

  1. When you sign up with Cove, you’ll provide your personal and location information. Information about your sensors and the types of emergencies we’re monitoring are also saved to your account.
  2. When an emergency occurs, that stored information can be sent directly from our monitoring team to dispatchers’ screens. This eliminates the need for our monitoring team to read your information to dispatchers over the phone.
  3. With that saved information, dispatchers can send the authorities to your home in seconds, because they’ll already have what they need.

Advanced Professional Monitoring

The last way that Cove sends help faster than other security systems is through our professional monitoring team. Unlike the other two features we’ve discussed, this feature is not particularly new or cutting-edge, but it’s still important.

As tempting as self-monitoring might be, when you’re away from home, there’s no guarantee that you’ll catch emergencies happening in real-time. But our team of 24/7 professional monitoring agents can catch the emergencies you don’t.

If you’re considering a home security system, don’t get lost in the variety of superfluous features available on the market. At Cove, we give you the security you deserve, with the fastest response times possible, for a fair price.

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