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The Alarm Bell and Other Signals of Emergencies

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They say when it rains, it pours. Nothing has been more true in our digital age. Economic turmoil in national markets, political arguments and elections, and domestic issues about rights are widely debated, and because we all use social media like Facebook and Twitter, we all have a front row seat to a global public forum of opinion. No matter where you stand on the thousands of different ideas and philosophies, it is hard to ignore the unrest all around us.

Fortunately, we all have ways of raising awareness about just about anything important or dangerous. When we raise an alarm signal, we act like a watchman on a tower, able to use our view to raise concerns to those around us. These alarms can be figurative when speaking of ideas. Literal alarms can be used to warn others of physical danger like fire and crime. With the right alarm usage at the right time, the right actions can solve almost any problem.

Fire Alarm Bells

A textbook example of an alarm bell are those you can find in just about every public building and fire station in the country: the red fire bell. These alarms have become a symbol of warning, ringing loud and clear during a fire or other emergency. Connected to a smoke detector, this UL-listed device lets out a metallic ringing that is unmistakable. One of the best brand names for red fire bells is ArgCo; you will not have any problem filtering reviews, as the product’s star ratings of this model are high with resellers on Amazon and eBay. Arm your building with one or several of these, and if your security or fire alarms go off, you will have no trouble receiving the alert.

White Cove Smoke alarm

Alarms For Emergencies at Home

Perhaps the most disruptive events that can happen to any individual or family are fire and crime. Both can cost you more than just the loss of personal belongings; your health and life can easily be threatened. There’s nothing to worry about, however. You have options!

Smoke/Fire Alarms

For fire, there are simple steps you can take to protect your home. The most obvious is smoke detectors in kitchens and in hallways next to bedrooms. If you are worried about serious fire potential in your home or business, many companies exist that can install automatic fire alarms that can monitor for fires and smoke 24/7. Fire alarm businesses can perform a safety evaluation of your home and advise you on the type of system that would best suit your situation. With a fire alarm system, you will be prepared for even the worst home fire.

Cove panel surrounded by other Cove gadgets. Smoke detector, CO detector, medical alert necklace, key fob, and flood sensors.

Security Alarm System

As for crime and home invasion, some people think they’ll never be involved with one until it happens to them. It can shatter your world and your personal sense of safety. There are many solutions for home security, including alarms that alert you or the authorities whenever a door or window is pried open or broken. These systems can include video cameras that you can place anywhere to identify anyone on your property. The size and shape of these cameras varies greatly, from doorbell cameras to indoor and outdoor cameras. Some of these cameras even include speaker functions, especially doorbell cameras, allowing you to give instructions to someone knocking on your door or, regrettably, trying to steal packages or vandalize your property.

Not all interactions with visitors on your doorstep will be negative. In fact, some of them can be hilarious. In early 2019, a video surfaced of a young boy talking to his dad through the doorbell camera trying to set the TV to watch cartoons, and the internet loved it!

Several scientists looking up at solar panels. Solar panels are one way to slow global warming.

Emergencies Worldwide

Man-made climate change has been a hot topic in our country and abroad for many years. The very concept affects almost every aspect of modern life, from the vehicles we drive and the food we eat to the types of appliances and plastics we choose to use in our homes. While many have inaccurately predicted immediate catastrophe, these changes have already been felt in the form of famines, crop failures, and world hunger (as reported by the United Nations). The alarm bell for long-term weather change has been rung loud enough that dozens of nations have pledged to become carbon neutral at minimum or even better in the coming years. As individuals, we can always do our part as well to limit our carbon footprint as we live our lives.

Another emergency that you may have watched online or even experienced is that of natural disasters in countries both near and far. Australia was recently hit with one of the most destructive wildfires that have occured in modern history: through November of 2019 to January 2020, more than 27.2 million acres of bush, forest, and grassland all across the continent burned, killing thirty-three people and possibly altering the entire ecosystem of Australia (including affecting the endangered status of koalas, for example).

In the face of this disaster, millions around the world have donated to charities like the World Wide Fund dedicated to assisting animals in Australia, and many of the dedicated fire departments in New South Wales and Victoria have websites for donations as well. While the scope of this fire will be felt by the country for decades or longer, there are already professionals working to restore their homeland.

Despite the many tragedies in the world, almost anyone can sound the alarm signal and call for assistance from millions of sympathetic and charitable people. Though so much news is bad, it isn’t difficult to find hopeful stories!

Silhouette of a person sitting at peace while they stare towards the sun.

Peace of Mind in a Troubled World

The purpose of an alarm shouldn’t be to cause panic, although you can certainly feel that way listening to one. Instead, it should be an alert for times of danger and give you time to make vital decisions. Learning which alarms to trust is key to making the right choices. Listen to the right news sources, trusted internet websites, and installed alarms in your home, and you will be informed of trouble well before it happens. And, most importantly, a bit of homework about the alarms you rely on can go a long way to understanding when to listen. Do not let the risk rise when a bit of preparation can save your life.

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