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Best Pepper Spray

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Have you ever been followed? Attacked? Alone at night? Do you worry about your children being alone at night and being followed?

If your answer to any of these questions is yes, then you should consider purchasing pepper spray. But what kind of pepper spray is best? How can you incapacitate an attacker long enough to get away? This post will detail everything from the best kinds of pepper spray to purchase for different situations, to how to correctly use pepper spray, to whether pepper spray is really the best self-defense option.

Mace vs. Pepper Spray

There is a marked difference between Mace and pepper spray. Traditional Mace is a chemical irritant. It is made of chemicals similar to those in tear gas. Mace does not cause skin irritation, temporary blindness, or inflammation of the capillaries in the eyes like normal pepper spray does. Because of this, Mace does not always work on attackers who are intoxicated. Pepper spray will work on attackers because it causes more immediate inflammation and damage. Many Mace sprays include a UV sensitive marker that can help the authorities to identify your potential attacker later.

The Mace brand also produces pepper sprays, so just make sure when you are purchasing a can of Mace that it is the kind you are looking for. Because Mace is the most well-known brand of pepper spray, many people default to Mace as the best pepper spray. While it’s a very high-quality brand, it’s important to research other brands as well.

Sabre Red Pepper Spray

Sabre pepper spray is a well-known brand. Sabre Red pepper spray keychains are an especially popular product because of their convenience and accessibility. The Sabre Red Pepper spray is marketed as a maximum stopping power pepper spray because of its heat level and range. The Scoville score for a can of Sabre Red is 200,000 SHU, about twice as spicy as a habanero pepper. The range for a can of this stuff is about 10 feet, meaning that you can spray your attacker long before he gets close enough to hurt you. This spray uses a UV marking dye just like Mace does to help identify attackers.

Fox Labs Pepper Spray: The Strongest Pepper Spray Around

Fox Labs has long marketed itself as the “most intense pepper spray on earth.” They’re not just flexing. The Fox Labs Pepper Spray has a Scoville score of 5.3 million SHU. Fox’s formulas are made from purer materials than many other pepper sprays. They use an Oleoresin capsicum resin (the main active ingredient in most pepper sprays) with a concentration that makes their formula extra strong.

Fox Labs prides themselves on a formula with incredible stopping power. They have partnered with several law enforcement offices to provide effective self-defense weapons. The biggest difference between Fox Labs and other pepper sprays is its purity. Many other pepper spray companies use sugars, oils, and other junk to dilute their pepper sprays, resulting in a cloudy, dark spray. Fox Labs focuses on producing a high-quality product without diluting it unnecessarily.

Pepper Grinder

Pepper Gel

Pepper Gel is an alternative to pepper spray that offers several benefits. Unlike pepper spray, it does not release as an aerosol, rather as a stream of thick, sticky, liquid. This liquid is much less likely to blow back into your face than traditional sprays. Pepper gels can also shoot further than most pepper sprays by up to 20%. Pepper gels should be aimed directly at the face of an attacker. Because pepper gels are a relatively new self-defense product, they have not yet caught on as fully as other self-defense products. This does not make them less effective products, however, and it is important to choose the product that is best for your individual situation.

Best Pepper Gel

Sabre Red Pepper Gel is probably the most widely-used pepper gel product on the market today. It uses a similar heat level as the traditional Red pepper spray. Just like the spray, the gel uses a UV marking dye to help victims identify their attackers. This product is available in keychain form as well as in larger canisters. Sabre also offers a 3-in-1 product that uses pepper spray, tear gas, and UV dye to increase its effectiveness.

Bear Spray

If you’ve ever been to the Yellowstone or Grand Teton National Parks, you’ve probably heard of bear spray. Bear spray is essentially a pepper spray created especially for use on bears. In the majority of bear attacks, bear spray is 92% effective as a deterrent. Guns are only 50% effective by comparison, so bear spray is a good option.

Bear sprays incorporate the same active ingredients as other pepper sprays, but usually in a lower concentration than in some pepper sprays. According to the US EPA, bear sprays should only contain a concentration of 1%-2% of the “spicy” chemicals that act as a deterrent to bears. This may sound like a fairly low concentration to the average bystander, but it’s definitely strong enough to keep most bears away. If you are planning on taking a trip to a state or national park that has bears around it, it’s a good idea to take a can of bear spray with you, or at least get one while you’re there.

If you can’t get a can of bear spray for whatever reason, and you are attacked by a bear, the best option for self-defense is to punch the bear in the nose. Bears have incredibly sensitive noses to help them sniff out potential meals. Because of their extra-sensitive sense of smell, bears have many more nerves running through their nose than humans do. A blow to the nose is incredibly painful for a bear. So if a bear ever starts running toward you, don’t try to run away. Instead, call for help and punch the bear in the nose as hard as you can, and it will often run away itself.

Bear in River ready to get bear sprayed if it attacks

Best Brands of Bear Spray

Most bear sprays are going to be pretty dang effective in driving away a bear, but if you are looking for specific specs, here are some suggestions for you. These are taken from TripSavvy’s list of best bear sprays. According to their team, the best brands of bear spray are as follows:

  • Counter Assault: This is an Amazon bear spray that has a range of up to 40 feet with good stopping power.
  • Sabre Frontiersman Bear Spray: This is a brand of bear spray that has a range of 30 feet and uses the maximum strength solution allowed by the EPA.
  • Mace Bear Attack Survival Spray: This has a range of 35 feet and empties in 6 seconds, making it one of the fastest-discharging bear sprays.
  • Guard Alaska Bear Spray: This spray has a range of 15-20 feet, which is a shorter range than some of the other bear spray options. The pro of this bear spray is that is designed to work on all species of bears.

Tasers vs. Pepper spray

Pepper spray is among several weapons in an arsenal of self-defense weapons that can incapacitate an attacker without permanently wounding or killing him. In terms of weapons, it is among the safest around. While being pepper-sprayed is intensely uncomfortable, it rarely causes lasting damage to the person sprayed.

Tasers are another option for self-defense weapons that will not usually cause permanent damage to an attacker. Some tasers are in the form of a gun and are able to be used from further away from an attacker. Other tasers are small handheld devices that can be pressed to the skin of an attacker. Tasers work by sending an electric current through the human body. This electric shock causes intense pain and muscle spasms because of its effect on the nervous system. Because the human nervous system operates on minuscule electric shocks, large electric shocks like those produced by a taser are generally quite intense.

So which is a better self-defense option: taser or pepper spray? Well, it depends on what you are attempting to accomplish. Pepper spray has an advantage in terms of distance and aim. You don’t need to aim particularly well in order to spray the face of an attacker. On the other hand, if there is a particularly strong wind, the pepper spray may blow back into your face or in another direction, not reaching your attacker. If you have good aim, a taser will be fully effective as long as you make contact with the body of your attacker (it is recommended that you aim for the torso). Pepper spray canisters are easier to carry around with you than stun guns and tasers. Many pepper spray companies produce keychain-sized pepper spray canisters that are perfect for easily carrying them around from day-to-day.

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Pepper Spray Laws

In some countries and states, personal pepper sprays are illegal. For example, in Canada, personal pepper sprays are totally illegal, but bear spray is legal. Here is a list of states within the US that have placed restrictions on the possession of pepper sprays.

  • California: In CA, you can only carry up to 2.5 ounces of pepper spray. Larger canisters are prohibited.
  • Massachusetts: In Massachusetts, you must purchase your pepper sprays from licensed firearms dealers, and it is illegal to order pepper sprays (including bear spray) online.
  • Michigan: Michigan places restrictions on age and quantity of pepper spray. You cannot carry more than 1.2 ounces of pepper spray, and you must be at least 18 years of age to carry it.
  • New York: In New York, you can purchase pepper sprays from firearms dealers and pharmacies. You cannot order pepper sprays or animal sprays online.
  • Washington DC: In DC, you can purchase and carry pepper spray as long as you register with the police.
  • Wisconsin: In Wisconsin, you can only use 10% pepper sprays and lower, and cannot carry more than 60 grams (about 2 oz.).

Police Training Requirements

When police officers are trained in the police academy, they are required to take a spritz of pepper spray to the face. They are also required to be tasered at least once. This is meant to help officers to avoid using these weapons unless they are totally necessary for a hostile situation. Empathy is essential for police officers to perform their jobs. Especially in today’s climate, it is important for police officers to understand exactly what citizens experience when they are tasered or maced.

How to Use Pepper Spray

Most pepper spray brands have “practice pepper spray” canisters that you can purchase in order to make sure you know how to use the product without harming yourself. You should make sure to be aware of how many shots are contained within your canister of spray, as well as how long of a range your canister has. To spray your pepper spray, simply point the nozzle in the correct direction. Make sure to study and fully understand where the nozzle is located and how to squeeze it. You will have a greater grip if you squeeze with your thumb rather than your index finger. To arm your pepper spray, you push the lever on the lid to the right as far as it will go. To disarm it, you should move it in the opposite direction. Experts recommend that if you are walking alone, you should keep your pepper spray in hand, rather than buried in a pocket or bag.

If you are curious about further self-defense tips while using pepper spray, Sabre offers a “Safety Academy” with tips and tricks on how to best use its products. Self-defense is incredibly important, so make sure you understand the best practices for keeping yourself safe.

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Cove: All About Self-Defense at Home

Cove is a different kind of self-defense company. While we don’t sell pepper sprays, we are all about keeping you safe from attackers while you’re at home. Cove is a no-contract, no-commitment DIY home security option, for a great price. We offer high-quality home security services and technology that can’t be beaten.

Cove offers several different packages, all of which are customizable. These packages can be assembled and purchased at, our website. Cove is prompt about making sure you get your security system as quickly as possible, so all orders ship within one business day. Between 3-5 days later, the system should arrive at your home, ready to be set up. Cove offers a 60-day money back guarantee, just in case you don’t love your home security system as much as we think you will. Because of this, you can get a security system at almost no risk to yourself. Just send it back if you don’t like it.

Setup for a Cove security system is so easy that a 6-year-old kid could do it easily. For most customers, it takes between 10-20 minutes to do. Simply follow the instructions on the alarm panel, and you’ll be good to go. An additional bright side of Cove’s easy installation is that you won’t have to wait around for a technician to install it for you!

Cove’s packages range in price from 229-389 dollars, but as mentioned above, you can customize them however you need. The monthly monitoring cost is between 15-35 dollars a month, depending on the level of monitoring you choose. This price is much lower than the industry average.

Cove panel surrounded by other Cove gadgets. Smoke detector, CO detector, medical alert necklace, key fob, and flood sensors.

If you decide to build your own security system, you can use any of the following elements you feel will be necessary for your home.

  • Cove Touchscreen Control Panel: This panel is one of the easiest to use of its kind. It incorporates 4G cellular connection to communicate with the central monitoring team and is completely wireless. The panel attaches to the wall using an adhesive strip. From this panel, you can arm and disarm the whole system, and call for help when needed. This panel also connects directly to your mobile app.
  • YI Indoor Security Camera: Like the alarm panel, the indoor security camera is totally wireless. This camera incorporates several high tech features, including night vision technology, two-way communication, and cloud recording so you don’t have to save an SD card.
  • Motion Detectors: While the name is pretty self-explanatory, motion detectors don’t just detect movement, they also sense heat using infrared technology.
  • Entry Detectors: The door, window, and glass break detectors are in charge of keeping track of the areas most likely to be broken into on your home. It’s a good idea to have a sensor on each ground floor window and exterior door.
  • Environmental Detectors: Cove offers a monitored fire alarm, carbon monoxide alarm and water leak detector. The benefits of having these included in your home security system include their ability to self-check their functionality and notify you of problems even when you are away from home.
  • Medical Button: Cove’s medical button is a great way for caregivers to elderly or disabled loved ones to keep track of them.
  • Mobile App and Keyfobs: The mobile app and keyfobs work together to provide ways to arm and disarm your alarm system whether you're in your home or far away. If you have family living with you, a keyfob is a great way to give them access to your security system.

If this sounds like it might be for you, please check us out. And look into getting that pepper spray; it just might save your life.

a smoke detector, CO detector, two motion sensors, medical alert necklace, flood sensor, and door and window sensors


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