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5 Reasons You Need Outdoor Home Security Cameras

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You have a door lock and maybe even a doorbell camera. They offer basic safety measures for your home. But is that enough to keep you and your family safe? These days, a small investment in security devices such as an outdoor home security camera can offer better coverage and more peace of mind.

In this article, we will explore five reasons you need one or more outdoor home security cameras, and how they contribute to bolstering the safety of your home and loved ones.

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Assess Your Home’s Safety Gaps

What are your current safety habits at your home? Do you have effective safety measures in place? It’s worthwhile to assess your home’s safety now and on a regular basis as your needs change.

As for safety basics, your number one priority should be to keep your exterior doors locked, since 34% of burglars get into homes right through the front door, the National Crime Prevention Council reported.

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But be sure to pay attention to the time of day you’re locking your door, because we tend to have misconceptions about the real numbers. Interestingly, 54% of homeowners were not comfortable with leaving their doors unlocked at night while those not comfortable with leaving their doors unlocked during the daytime dropped to 34%, according to Cove’s 2023 Home Security Trends Report.

The thing is, burglaries are actually more common during daylight hours, especially when people are at work or school. In 2021, 196,684 of all reported residential burglaries occurred in the daytime compared to 154,723 at night, according to the FBI.

Criminals also get in through other exterior doors, first-floor windows, and even garages. Some don’t even want to enter your home. Instead they want to steal off your porch, rummage through your shed, or even break into your car. What are you doing to deter criminals from the perimeter of your home?

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Why You Need Outdoor Security Cameras

At Cove, we believe everyone deserves to feel safe. The outside of your home is the first line of defense against potential break-ins. That’s why we recommend everyone consider using one or more outdoor security cameras. With how affordable, easy to install, and effective they are, outdoor security cameras are a no-brainer. Here are five reasons you should consider installing outdoor security cameras.

1. Keep Your Family and Pets Safe From Criminals

Installing outdoor security cameras is proven to deter intruders. If they see you have a security system, they are 300% more likely to keep walking. A visible outdoor security camera immediately tells criminals that this house can see what they’re up to, so they should just walk on by.

Outdoor security cameras contribute to overall safety by providing an extra layer of protection for your family and property. Whether it's keeping an eye on children playing in the yard, monitoring the perimeter of your home, or ensuring the safety of pets, these cameras offer a comprehensive solution for safeguarding your loved ones and belongings.

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2. Protect Cars and Outbuildings

Many times, homeowners forget to protect the sides of the house, backyard, outbuildings, garage, and any other blindspots on their property. This leaves them wide open to threats. That’s why you should invest in outdoor security cameras. Place them in front of your garage to cover your cars and to keep intruders away from your garage, and install outdoor security cameras on any outbuildings. Since many criminals are just looking for an easy score away from prying eyes, they’ll go for the easiest, least visible spot, and that can include anything outside of your home.

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3. Document Suspicious Activity

Sometimes, criminals either don’t notice or don’t care about security cameras and proceed to steal or invade a home. Outdoor security cameras provide a valuable tool for documenting any incidents that may occur on or around your property. Whether it's an attempted break-in, vandalism, or suspicious activity, having a record of events can be crucial for law enforcement investigations and insurance claims. The recorded footage serves as tangible evidence that can help identify perpetrators and strengthen your case in the event of a crime.

Kitty and package on a doorstep porch of a house.

4. Protection Against Porch Pirates

Have you ever had a package stolen from your porch? You’re not alone. The rise of online shopping has unfortunately led to an increase in package theft. Doorbell cameras are a good first step in curbing these criminals, but many times doorbell cameras don’t cover the total area where packages are left or could be stolen from. Outdoor security cameras placed strategically near entrances can help mitigate this risk by capturing footage of delivery personnel and potential thieves. The recorded evidence can be invaluable in resolving disputes and assisting law enforcement in tracking down the culprits.

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Cove Security System Products

5. Integration with Cove’s Home Security System

With a home security system like Cove, you can integrate your outdoor home security cameras seamlessly with all the other devices. This smart integration allows you to cover all areas of your home, plan for most any scenario, and set up automation. For example, you can set up your system to arm in “Night Mode” automatically at a certain time.

Our outdoor camera is made by Eufy and is motion activated with AI technology, meaning it can detect humans. As part of a system, it notifies you and our monitoring team, which responds to threats whether you’re home or away. Our monitoring system includes six monitoring centers across the United States, staffed with professional agents who are trained to be a lifeline when you need one.

You want a safe home, and outdoor cameras are a wise investment to keep you safe. Beyond the peace of mind they provide, these cameras serve as a proactive deterrent, document incidents, and offer remote monitoring capabilities. Order your outdoor cameras today as part of a Cove home security system. Try it free for 60 days risk free. Click below to take our quiz and get started.

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